3:14 am - 01/04/2013

'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's' Mama June Afraid of Mayonnaise

The holidays have come in gone, but not for Honey Boo Boo!

TLC kicks off its Here Come Honey Boo Boo "Holladay" specials Sunday, Jan. 6 with a Halloween episode.

For Halloween this year, the kids decide to try to cure June "Mama" Shannon of her greatest fear -- mayonnaise!

"I can't stand mayonnaise," Mama says, though she admits she will eat potato salad or a tuna salad sandwich if someone else makes it and she can't see it. "The reason why is because when I was growing up, the babysitter I had, we ate mayonnaise sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack . . . I can't talk about it. It is making my flesh crawl."

"I think it's stupid that you're scared of of mayonnaise, Mama," daughter Jessica "Chubbs" Shannon says. "I mean seriously, it's mayonnaise. It's white, and it's mayonnaise. C'mon. That's like ketchup, but it's just white."

"I don't see you eating it," Mama snaps back.

"Because I'm a vegetarian," Chubbs responds.

Emptying tubs of mayonnaise into a bowl, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson forces Mama to face her fear.

I'm really looking forward to this coming back I'm not even going to lie. What are your irrational fears, ONTD? I'm afraid of tall people. :-X
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