Harold Finch
I judge my love of tv shows by how many emotions they give me, particularly whether I feel overly invested in them. POI is at the top for me. My mom loves it for a similar reason.

Yeah I mean, I love the regular Finch/Reese dynamic (and its fandom counterpart haha), but I also love the other interactions the show brings between the characters, especially when they revolve around Finch (like I need more Zoe and Finch, and more Finch and Elias--let's see their poker games more, Nolan and co!). And of course the flashback stuff with Finch and Nathan. Basically I have Michael Emerson tunnel vision, lolz.

I've heard those comparisons on TV Tropes! As I am woefully uneducated in film, I have not seen the movie itself, but I should get around to it soon!

Did you see the pic of Carrie and Michael that she posted on New Year's? Her twitter gives the creepy fan part of me life.