Harold Finch
I am so excited for tonight's episode. But also very nervous. This show stresses me out, but in the best way. I've watched season 1, for the 3rd time, over holiday break as I got the DVDs for Christmas (my mom and I have been watching them, and she cannot stand not knowing what happens). So that's helped bridge the mid-season time gap but still, SO STRESSED ABOUT TONIGHT.

But I am definitely here for Dr. Linus 2.0. Also for the fact that it looks like Fusco will be spending more team time with Finch while Carter takes care of John's crazy ass problems (poor Joss, even if we get Taraji all fancy!).

I call Donnelly that Kevin Spacey looking mother fucker, btw. Just thought I'd share.

PS: MF yes to TOQ guest staring. Now that 666 Park is done, and Terry's still in NY...come on! They evidently hang out all the time still, Memerson and Terry. Carrie Preston posted a picture of the three of them having dinner during NYCC.