3:32 pm - 01/03/2013

Frank Ocean Busted for Weed, Rap Blogs Busted For Bullshit

The singer was pulled over for speeding on New Year's

Frank Ocean was pulled over for speeding in Mono County, California, on New Year's Eve and wound up with a ticket for marijuana possession. According to TMZ, the fella behind SPIN's Album of the Year was doing "roughly 90 in a 65." When cops approached his black BMW, they caught a whiff of weed and so searched Ocean, revealing "a small bag of pot on his person."

He was also cited for driving on a suspended license, which was confiscated, and for having tinted windows. While he was momentarily detained in the back of a police car (Ocean posted the photo to Instagram), he was eventually released with the caveat that his unidentified passenger take the wheel. Mono County is located between the Yosemite National Park and the Nevada border.

That's the entire story. All of it. But that didn't stop rap and gossip blogs from offering wildly out-of-hand, incredibly irresponsible and homophobically motivated speculation about the reason for Ocean's traffic stop. Smartly, Frank avoided comment as the false news broke, and the real story emerged with a key assist from CBS Local. Don't expect the offending sites to recant any time soon.


Some websites were comparing him to Eddie Long and Mr.Cee. smdh
sugarcrawler 3rd-Jan-2013 09:00 pm (UTC)
lol np

yeah i hear that too. i cant imagine driving high, even if its just a subtle high, i just cant. my sister says that she drives the same but im just like NO stop doing that youre dumb (but she also smokes everyday so her body must be used to it, but at same time, no excuses imo)
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