Taylor Lautner and Anna Kendrick - Blind Item Revealed


This actress had a chance to get to A list. She was thisclose and was in a movie that got her nominated for one of the big awards and everything was going great. Then she had a personal tragedy which she does not discuss much and since that time she has worked on her career but other things in her life are more important. For her, she has been focusing on kids, especially those who are terminally ill. Her favorite thing to do which she does at least once a week is go to a children's hospital and sit and meet with kids and they watch some of her most famous movies. The movies that still make kids scream with delight when she comes visit them. She has tried to get her castmates to come with her because the kids would even love it more but they always say no or they will come some other time. There is one castmate who invariably comes. Apparently there is nothing quite like the smile of a kid who is suffering from cancer when this B list all movie actor walks in the room and sits down and watches the movies with them. If smiles could heal, there would be no sick people when he comes along to visit with our actress.
Anna Kendrick/Taylor Lautner