9:25 am - 01/03/2013

For Your Consideration Ads ------ (Round 4)

As always, the previous three rounds can be found here. Animation looks like it's going to be an interesting race this year. Who are your favorites to win the big categories this year? Surprised at any pushes for nominations? Surprised at anything left out (there hasn't been a lot for just sound, visual effects and editing yet but I'm guessing when those start to surface Avengers will pop up)? Favorite performances of the year? Discuss.
walker_sarah 3rd-Jan-2013 03:40 pm (UTC)
I love watching action movies in cinema. For other movies such a comedy,drama or romcom I can wait them to leak unless there is someone who I love in it or the ones get hype too much and I wanna join the discussions so I watch them at cinema too
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