11:11 pm - 01/02/2013

AHS - 2.11 - Spilt Milk - Promo + clue for season three in tonight's episode

Wanna know what season 3 of American Horror Story will be? Then you’d better tune into tonight’s installment of AHS: Asylum, titled “The Name Game.” Hidden within the episode is a clue to the plot of the show’s next incarnation. Teases co-creator Ryan Murphy, “It’s not done like it was last year. It’s a different kind of clue. You really have to be quick and watch. I made sure to put it in there for the fans because I know people loved that last year, figuring it out.”

Last year, Ryan Murphy told EW that a clue to the plot of season 2 of American Horror Story was hidden in episode 11, called “Birth.” True to his word, Sarah Paulson’s psychic Billie Dean gave a speech about the evil energy generated by places like prisons and asylums, which is, of course, the setting for the FX hit’s second season.

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tapdancingrats 3rd-Jan-2013 06:48 pm (UTC)
I was so surprised that they didn't have this huge priest against the devil battle with, like, bits of Sister Mary Eunice coming through to catch him off guard and what not. I know they touched on it but they could have made it so much more spectacular.
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