4:13 pm - 01/01/2013

Lady Gaga tickets being sold for deeply reduced prices at StubHub

This morning, CNN mentioned that even though Lady Gaga is one of the year's most anticipated tours, ticket sales aren't as good as expected. To further demonstrate this, StubHub, the official partner site of Ticketmaster, began showing tickets for the Born This Way Ball tour as cheap as $23 this morning, even though regular tickets on Ticketmaster sell at $60 to $200.

At her opening U.S. show in Tacoma on January 14, hundreds of tickets remain through Ticketmaster. However, there are several tickets also available at StubHub for tickets at less than face value. In San Jose, Ticketmaster lists seats as all sold out except for the most expensive tickets at $175. However, on StubHub, there are hundreds of tickets still for sale and some of those tickets are selling at below face value.

This seems to be a pattern for ticket sales throughout the Born This Way Ball tour. In Los Angeles, for example, you can buy tickets for as cheap as $23 on StubHub. Besides tickets being easily available on Ticketmaster, nearly 2,000 tickets are available for each show at StubHub. There are other secondary ticket sites that are selling tickets as well. Either there will be a lot of empty seats, or many will be secretly "given away" to avoid embarrassment.

However, Ticketmaster tells us that in general, ticket sales for Lady Gaga's tour are good and that she is one of the few artists who can play back-to-back dates at the same venue. Even though there have been several reports of downsized venues and empty seats throughout the world, the Born This Way Ball tour is one of the top five grossing tours of 2012.

jinnycalderone 1st-Jan-2013 10:38 pm (UTC)
well where do you buy tickets then? i hate ticketmaster, but stubhub has been good for me.
one_hoopy_frood 1st-Jan-2013 10:42 pm (UTC)
Nowhere hahaha I just whine and complain about not being able to afford anything making minimum wage. My biggest complaint is that ticketmaster always crashes when tickets for my faves go on sale. Also (at least I am pretty sure this is true? but I can't remember where I read it) ticketmaster owns stubhub and a certain amount of tickets are never sold at regular price because they are given to stubhub to be scalped.
jinnycalderone 1st-Jan-2013 10:51 pm (UTC)
omgg, i didnt know that. woww. lolol.

i make minimum wage too, but i aint passing up gaga for anything, i'll tell yah. i actually skipped a bill or 2 to buy the tickets tbh, and when i go to nyc for her, i'll skip some more. itll be ok tho, my tax return will fix it. oop indeed.
one_hoopy_frood 1st-Jan-2013 10:53 pm (UTC)
I can't blame you. Gaga is important to you and I can't judge you for doing something that makes you happy!
jinnycalderone 1st-Jan-2013 11:01 pm (UTC)
aww, thanks boo. :D
homicidalslayer 3rd-Jan-2013 05:15 am (UTC)
I realize I'm really late with this, but you can still order from ticketmaster by phone when the site is down...
one_hoopy_frood 3rd-Jan-2013 05:17 am (UTC)
I never think to when I am in a keyboard smashing rage because the tickets I almost had in my cart disappeared.
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