Whose Million Dollar Decorators Appearance Is Crazier: Lindsay Lohan’s Or Stacey Dash’s?

What would you do if someone gave your home a $200,000 makeover? After you stopped screaming, you’d probably start acting like a total weirdo, right? That’s certainly what Stacey Dash and Lindsay Lohan did during their respective appearances on Million Dollar Decorators. Which actress got nuttier? Let’s break down their episodes and see:

First of all, let’s talk about Lindsay’s room. Based on the preview for her episode airing January 1, 90% of Lilo’s furniture is comprised of old sunglasses cases, her bed frame is made of mirrors and her bedding looks…well, it looks like our bedding. It’s offensively boring. On the other hand, Lindsay looks amazing and seems on her game as she shows host Kathryn Ireland around her home. “I feel safe here. That’s the most important thing,” Lilo said of her new digs. As for the part where the show spent $200,000 on Lohan’s domestic makeover and never actually got to film a reveal episode for some unknown reason…well, that sounds sort of insane, right? Though not really a surprise?

Maybe we’re just used to Lindsay by now, but we were honestly more blown away by the fact Stacey Dash literally wept over her remodeled home earlier this month, not to mention the fact she basically orgasmed over her new bedding (it was pretty sick) and, um, acquired a British accent when talking to decorator Martyn. Other highlights? “My wolves!” and when Marty wipes the tears off her face with his hands. Which appearance do you think was more bizarre? Lindsay’s bizarrely spartan bedroom or Stacey’s full-body decorating experience? Sparkle!

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