CREEPY POST: 10 Reasons Why 2012 Was the Scariest Year Yet, AN ONTD Original

In honor of the creepy post's win as ONTD's favorite kind of post, I bring you - 10 Reasons Why 2012 Was the Scariest Year Yet! So while most of us are snowed in with no way to escape, come on in, turn off the lights and get ready to get scared!!!

Also, make sure to post your favorite scary stories and if anything scary happened to YOU this year!

Scariest Movie Trailer - Mama
Produced by Guillermo del Toro, starring Jessica Chastain and the incesty guy from Game of Thrones) Mama is based on a short film of the same name and will be released in early 2013.

Note: Do not skip the ad before the trailer, it includes the short film the movie is based upon)

Scariest Prank - Elevator Ghost (Brazil)
From a popular Brazilian TV show, unsuspecting victims are greeted by a unwanted entity when the power mysteriously cuts out.


Scariest New Creepypasta - The Lights
Ron turned off the lights in his room to go to bed. He got into bed and just as he was getting nice and comfortable the lights turned back on by themselves. Surprised, he looked around his room, but there was no source of anyone or anything that could have done it. He decided to ignore the fact, got out of bed, and turned the lights off again. But, upon returning to bed and pulling the blankets over himself, the lights were on again. He leapt out of bed and ran to turn them off yet again. This process happened over and over again, resulting in Ron’s fear becoming annoyance.

“Okay, quit it!” Ron yelled.

“But I’m afraid of the dark”, whimpered a voice.

Scariest American Horror Story: Asylum - I Am Anne Frank: Part II (S2.E5)
Sister Jude asks Sam Goodman (Mark Margolis) to investigate Dr. Arden being a Nazi doctor. Sam mentions "Operation Paperclip" where Nazi scientists were given false identities from the OSS so they may freely work in the United States after World War II.

Jim Brown (David Chisum) arrives at the asylum to say "Anne Frank" is really his wife Charlotte, who has become obsessed with Anne's story. He takes her home but later returns her after she tries to smother their baby. Dr. Arden tells him of a way to help Charlotte become a "new" woman—a lobotomy.
Kit is asked by Dr. Thredson to record his admission of the murders on tape. He claims this will help Kit believe what really happened, as well as aid any future legal action to permanently commit him and avoid the death penalty. The recording, in conjunction with Thredson's file, is later used in Kit's arrest for the murders.

Arden tells Jude that he is pressing charges against her for allowing a patient to acquire a gun to shoot him and releasing, rather than punish, the patient. She expects to lose her job and leaves the asylum. Arden learns that Sister Mary had removed the disfigured Shelley from his lab while his wound was being treated at the hospital. He believes that she has placed Shelley outside with the Raspers, when Shelley is actually found in the stairwell near a school playground.

Thredson tells a rescued Lana she must hide at his home until they can expose the asylum's secrets. She becomes uneasy after seeing a homemade fleshy lampshade and a half-cranium-shaped bowl. She excuses herself to find his "hobby" room down the hall, where he drops her through a trap door after she asks about the various tools and drying skin. She later wakes to find herself chained to the floor near Wendy's (Clea Duvall) frozen body. Thredson, dressed in Bloody Face's clothes, asks her to kiss Wendy, saying she will not bite as he has removed her teeth to put in his fleshy mask, which he puts on.

At home, Charlotte appears as a normal wife and mother. She has packed away most of the clippings—all but one photo showing young Hans Gruber behind Adolf Hitler.

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Scariest Drug - Bath Salts
“Bath Salts” are known to produce side effects similar to Meth and Cocaine such as elevated heart rate, hypertension, irritability, extreme paranoia, delusions of super-human strength and invincibility, hallucinations, suicide, aggressive and violent behavior, and possibly even murder.

Scariest Music Video - 'I FINK U FREEKY' by DIE ANTWOORD
For optimal scaritude, turn the sound off.

Scariest Celeb Story - Men Plot to Castrate & Kill Justin Bieber
A New Mexico inmate, an ex-convict on probation and his nephew are under investigation for plotting to castrate and murder pop singer Justin Bieber, police said Thursday.

Their unsuccessful scheme called for targeting Bieber and his bodyguard while in New York City in mid-November, and their motive grew from the inmate's quest for notoriety and his infatuation with Bieber, said a New Mexico State Police affidavit.

The inmate, Dana Martin, who is serving two life sentences for a 2000 rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl in Vermont, has a tattoo of Bieber on his leg and had attempted to correspond with Bieber, who never responded, the affidavit said.


Full Story:

Scariest Celebrity Halloween Costume - Holly Willoughby UNZIPPED

THIS PLACE EXISTS - The Paris Catacombs
The Catacombs of Paris or Catacombes de Paris are an underground ossuary in Paris, France. Located south of the former city gate (the "Barrière d'Enfer" at today's Place Denfert-Rochereau), the ossuary holds the remains of about six million people.

Scariest GIF - SPIDERS!!!!
NOPE Spiders