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Is General Hospital Alum Steve Burton Heading to The Young and the Restless?

Well, that didn't take long!

Sources tell TV Guide Magazine that Steve Burton, former star of ABC's General Hospital, has signed up for a major role on CBS' The Young and the Restless. The gig, due to start soon, will have the popular actor working once again for his ex-GH boss Jill Farren Phelps.

While the news, still unconfirmed by CBS, is certainly fantastic it's not exactly out of left field: Burton and Phelps are longtime friends and business associates so it wasn't hard to imagine Burton someday popping up in Genoa City.

Burton only left GH three months ago, claiming he didn't want to live in L.A. anymore and relocated his wife and kids to Nashville for a better quality of life. Thus his willingness to work in L.A. again so quickly is a puzzler.

Was there more to his decision to quit GH than he initially let on? Did Phelps, who is under orders to trim the Y&R budget, oust Stephen Nichols in order to afford Burton? And what kind of role is Burton going to play?

Will it be a good guy for a change of pace, or will he remain on the dark side like his GH character, hit man Jason Morgan? Let's hope it's the latter.

The news is still unconfirmed by CBS at the moment.

Will All My Children and One Life to Live Return from the Dead? Burning Questions Answered!

On Jan. 13, it will be a year since One Life to Live signed off of ABC. And All My Children has been gone even longer. But in either case, did anyone see a body? Hmmm….

As first reported by our sister site Deadline, Prospect Park, the entertainment production company that sought to keep both of the aforementioned soaps alive online but ultimately had to put a pin in that plan, is again looking to revisit Pine Valley and Llanview.

Because hopes were raised only to be dashed the first time around, Prospect Park is laboring to be more “cautious” and keep its cards close to the vest, until the cameras are all but rolling, a source familiar with the situation tells TVLine. That said, some information is emerging about this latest rescue effort. Here are some burning questions we tried to get answered.

WHERE WILL THE SOAPS SHOOT? | Again, Prospect Park is not confirming any of the latest buzz, but TVLine hears that some of the details first reported by the online magazine Soap Opera Uncensored are accurate — including that both AMC and OLTL would shoot new episodes in a Stamford, Conn. facility shared by Maury. (I used to commute into New York City from Stamford — Go, Westhill Vikings! — with AMC vet David Canary, so maybe this new scenario could lure him back in front of the camera?) At the time AMC signed off, its production was based out of Los Angeles, while OLTL had moved into its sister soap’s digs on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (which are now being used by the syndicated Millionaire game show). I’m hearing that irresistible tax incentives led Prospect Park to set up shop in Stamford, which is less than an hour from NYC.</p>

WHAT WILL THE NEW EPISODES LOOK LIKE? | Again, Soap Opera Uncensored‘s info seems solid, that AMC and OLTL would each produce four half-hour episodes a week, plus a recap episode every Friday.

WILL A NETWORK BROADCAST THE EPISODES AFTER THEY RUN ONLINE? | Such a “dual window” scenario — in which, say, a cabler airs the new episodes at some point in time after they have streamed online — of course remains the ideal. That said, Prospect Park’s focus (and its forte) is to make the reborn serials “appeal to the plugged-in audience” that would and could consume them online ASAP (via The Online Network).

WHICH ACTORS WOULD RETURN? | At the time of Prospect Park’s original fall 2011 overture, more than a dozen OLTL actors — Erika Slezak (Viki), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Michael Easton (John) and Melissa Archer (Natalie) included — were on board to go online, while Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) were among the few AMCers locked in. Who’s willing (or able to) nibble now? AMC frontwoman Susan Lucci has been contacted, Showbiz411.com reported, though she is currently committed to the 13-episode Lifetime drama Devious Maids. OLTL‘s Slezak made no mention of the new Prospect Park buzz in her just-issued Christmas letter to fans; instead, she opined, “I truly believe that ABC has realized what a terrible mistake they made in canceling both [shows].” I’m told that cast members who were not contacted before the holidays may get felt out early in the new year, though as a vet of one of the two soaps told me, “We are all waiting to get some hard facts.”

WHO WOULD BE RUNNING THE SHOWS? | Daytime Confidential reports that former AMC producer/writer Ginger Smith is being eyed as that sudser’s new showrunner and that Prospect Park likely will tap and promote an OLTL vet to helm that reboot. One Life’s most recent boss, Frank Valentini, is now running things (quite successfully) at ABC’s General Hospital, where three former Llanviewers — Easton, Roger Howarth (Todd) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) — now call Port Charles home.

HEY, SPEAKING OF GH: WILL TODD, JOHN AND/OR STARR HAVE TO LEAVE PORT CHARLES? | Here’s where things get tricky. My understanding is that Prospect Park, having made a new deal to license the soaps (after the rights reverted back to ABC this fall), owns the characters and thus has “right of first refusal.” Meaning, if they want Todd Manning back in the “new” Llanview, they get him. (Whether Roger Howarth in turn is obligated to make the move along with his character is unclear.)

IS IT TRUE THAT AMC WILL COST MORE TO RESURRECT? | Soap Opera Uncensored cited the licensing fees for each of the soaps, indicating that All My Children will cost Prospect Park $500,000/year more than OLTL — even though the latter had better ratings at the time of its demise.

SO, IS THIS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN? | Again, everyone is treading extra-carefully this time around, knowing from past experience how many ducks need to line up in a row. What’s different now, however, is that Prospect has inked deals with both the DGA and SAG-AFTRA, Deadline reports, eliminating two of three major hurdles (the third being the WGA).

Plus as AMC favorite Michael E. Knight (Tad) noted during a recent “Martin family reunion” with Michael Fairman/Soap Opera Sociliate Productions, if anyone can do it, Prospect Park can. “They realize there is a market for [AMC], and that the Internet is the way to go. These guys connect the dots,” he observed. “The flaw [a year ago] wasn’t theirs; it was the rest of the industry not being up to their vision. I wouldn’t count these guys out.”

Lindsay Hartley Signs Up For All My Children!

In other PP news, in addition to Lindsay Hartley (ex-Cara, AMC et al) reportedly inking a deal to appear ALL MY CHILDREN, we're hearing the company has reached out to three other big name Pine Valley stars and has its sights on some OLTL biggies, too.

Jennifer Pepperman Named ONE LIFE TO LIVE Executive Producer!

Jennifer Pepperman has been tapped as the new executive producer of Prospect Park's ONE LIFE TO LIVE web reboot, according to Soap Opera Digest.

Pepper was a coordinating producer at ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and directed at OLTL winning a DGA Award in 2001. She also AS THE WORLD TURNS, where she won an Emmy in 2007. She has also been involved with THE VINDICATED, a web soap from Julia Barr and Jill Larson, and worked as a production coordinator on GUIDING LIGHT.

NATAS Hopes to Make 40th Daytime Emmys a Winner!

The New York-based National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences expects to announce by late January the network that will air next year's 40th edition of the Daytime Emmy awards -- as well as a producer.

Y&R's Michelle Stafford buys house in Glendale!

The two-story Monterey Colonial-style house of nearly 3,000 square feet features a central hall, a formal dining room, an updated kitchen, a den, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The two-story house with basement was commissioned by a Loma Linda Hospital doctor and built in 1948. Other medical professionals bought or lived in the house over the years, earning it the nickname "The Doctor's House."

Lillian Cvecich Dead at 66!

Lillian Cvecich, longtime hair stylist for SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, ANOTHER WORLD and AS THE WORLD TURNS, died on December 21. She was 66.

Cvecich was born on June 20, 1946 in Croatia to Anton Cvecic and Doretea Luksic.

She won four Daytime Emmys for her more than 20 year run working with AS THE WORLD TURNS.

"She was a long time dear dear friend and one of the best Hairdressers I was honored to work with and learn from," former AS THE WORLD TURNS and ONE LIFE TO LIVE makeup artist Deborah Paulmann said in a Facebook posting.

"She was ill for quite some time, she and I had been close even after I moved out here to LA, but she was also very private....it is no surprise she slipped from us so quietly....I am at a loss of words with heartache....please send her up a little prayer or two, she deserves it."

Visitation will take place at Thomas M. Quinn and Sons Funeral Home in Long Island on Thursday, December 27 from 2-5 p.m. Burial will take place at the Local Cemetery in Croatia.

New Y&R Hunk Redaric Williams: 'I'm ready to bite off something and sink my teeth into it'!

"The Young and the Restless" has been decorating Genoa City with a bevy of new hunks for the holidays. On Monday, Dec. 24, Christmas comes early for viewers: Cane and newcomer Tyler (Redaric Williams) strip down for a sauna showdown! During the episode, Tyler will also reveal which Genoa City leading lady has caught his eye. MSN TV got the story from Redaric Williams, who teased what we can expect from Tyler and Monday's steamy scenes.

MSN TV: First off, that is one hot preview picture (above).

Redaric Williams: A picture's worth a thousand words. And I think I got a thousand in there!

There's been a lot of buzz lately about all the new hunks moving to Genoa City: Does being sold that way make you uncomfortable?

Not at all. Very few actors invite that. That's not something I coveted. (laughs) But I'm not taken aback. It's nothing new to be portrayed that way, because I've been modeling for a while. I'm an actor first and foremost. I moved to New York City for acting. I trained and performed, but New York is theater and fashion. I had so many people approach me about modeling. I never was into it, but finally, I went ahead. I started doing a lot of modeling, and you've got to portray this sex symbol. You've got to exude that. So it's not a new experience.

This is your first regular role, and you've hit the ground running. How has the adjustment been?

I was ready for it. When I first met with the writers, I told them straight up, "I'm at the point where I'm ready to bite off something and sink my teeth into it." I'm not going to shy away from that.

That's funny, because that's how your character Tyler comes off! How is he settling into Genoa City?

I know. (laughs) It's crazy. The character is new in town and I myself am new in L.A., so there's a correlation. It's a process, but nothing rattles Tyler. He's someone who's been seasoned by life. He's been through a lot. He's dealt with a lot. Myself, as well. A move is a move. It's good. It's welcomed.

Has anyone helped you get settled in at work?

To be honest, I haven't come across one person who hasn't gone out of their way to be helpful. But Kristoff St. John (Neil) is huge - really helped out a lot. Angell Conwell, who plays my sister Leslie, has also been helpful.

So none of the guys are nervous about having a new hunk on the scene?

Ah! (laughs) Possibly. I wouldn't know. I don't get in their heads.

Tyler made quite the first impression on Neil. He controlled the conversation at that breakfast. Should we be wary of this guy?

He's a very strong presence and he can be like a bull in a China shop, but the thing is, he's not. He's controlled. He has an agenda. He's not reckless. He's not just there to wreak havoc. I am totally looking at him as a good guy. He's not a bad guy, whatsoever.

As a street artist who's transitioned into a guerrilla marketing guru, can Tyler handle the button down world of Jabot?

He is fully capable of adapting to any social situation. He can be a social chameleon. However, he has this rebel thing. He's not a conformist and he will push the envelope to see how far he can get his environment to conform to what he brings to the table. If there's resistance met, maybe he'll find other ways to see what he can do.

He seems like a cocky dude: Does he think he has this Jabot job in the can?

Definitely! It's a fine line - like razor thin - between confidence and cocky. He's very confident because he knows he's competent. If it comes off a certain way - which is does! - then you'll see he will pull back. He doesn't want to come off as cocky, but his confidence can sometimes be taken that way.

He definitely rubs Jabot's Chief Operating Officer and resident hunk Cane the wrong way: What can you tease about the big sauna run-in?

I come in and Cane's there, trying to come down after a day at the office. My character is doing the same, but it creates an opportunity. Cane's less receptive to the way Tyler comes in unrelentlessly. Tyler's not worried about what anyone thinks or feels, and it rubs Cane the wrong way. Cane is telling him to tone it down a notch, while Tyler is trying to make a connection. On the flip side, we're not so different. The stuff he's throwing at me, it's kind of there on his side, too. So Tyler tells him to look at himself.

It's a very masculine scene. It's two guys with their shirts off. There's a bit of an argument. But there's also a mental thing going on. Their conversation covers a multitude of things. It's almost like a chess game, with these guys going back and forth.

Could these two become friends?

These two guys are either best friends or the worst enemies.

In that same episode, we learn which lady Tyler has his eye on: How serious is his interest?

He's flirting. He's interested, but it's not that serious. This guy is the new guy in town. The sky's the limit and he's definitely a flirt. I don't think he's ever been in a situation where his flirtation or interaction with a lady has led to something deep and genuine. But if cupid was shooting an arrow in his direction, I don't think he would try to move away, either. If he feels something that's real, he would embrace the realness. He wouldn't run. He's developing, as a human being. He's coming of age. He's a man. And he's now in a new environment…

What excites you most about Tyler, going forward?

His versatility. I've done work in the past where you show up to film and it's not a prolonged thing. This is a journey. This is a character that's going to unfold and it's going to be a while. The fact that he is a versatile individual, without one set way, that's what I like. He's somebody that's playful, but then he can also be an aggressor and as I said, he's very capable of handling himself in this new corporate situation. He's polished, but he came from the other side of the tracks, so he has that side as well. He can go anywhere.

ABC Gives Prospect Park Additional Time to Reboot ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE; Will It Be at GENERAL HOSPITAL's Expense?!

Jamey Giddens reports: "I'm hearing that ABC has in fact granted Prospect Park an extension on their license agreement. Whereas PP originally had to get production of AMC and OLTL off the ground by the end of January 2013, they reportedly now have until the end of February."

DAYS OF OUR LIVES alum Tracy Middendorf starts 'Shutter To Think' charity project!

The seasoned actress, who settled with her family in Brooklyn, away from the glitzy and glamorous Hollywood, is also an invested activist. Inspired by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s Half the Sky tome, she decided to give back by making use of the digital age and her passion for photography. Hence, she recently launched "Shutter To Think," a project that funds education programs for girls with globally recognized organizations. She played Carrie Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

IN BETWEEN MEN Season 2 Trailer!

IN BETWEEN MEN returns this winter for a second season. The show just released a brand new trailer for Season 2 including sexy new cast member Mark Tallman (pictured above).

Days of Our Lives' Judi Evans Joins Cast of The Mentalist!

Days of Our Lives' Judi Evans, who's been recurring as Adrienne Kiriakis since March 2010, has a new gig. The talented actress is set to begin a recurring stint on The Mentalist.

Evans will start appearing on the CBS prime time hit in January 2013. She'll play State Senator Elaine Dawkins.

To date, Evans has booked three shows. Look for her first appearance on January 6 in the episode titled, Days of Wine & Roses.

Y&R: Billy Miller Re-Signed!!

Good news Billy Miller fans. SID confirms that he re-signed! They don't discuss contract details. Just that he resigned and will be sticking around for a while. In SID it was like "Sucks for Victor but Billy isn't going anywhere!" or something like that. Then they say sources confirm he renewed.

DAYS: Sami and Rafe Kiss At Midnight!

Soap Opera Digest has an article on Sami and Rafe. On New Year's Eve, Sami and Rafe go to the Horton Town Square separately, but can't stop thinking about each other. Rafe attends with Nicole so neither of them have to be alone. Sami arrives with EJ and Nicole can see that Rafe is upset at seeing them together. So, Nicole launches a scheme to make sure that Rafe and Sami are together at midnight. Nicole sees EJ leave Sami's side and encourages Rafe to approach Sami. Nicole them goes up to EJ and pretends to be drunk.

Meanwhile, EJ can't take his eyes off of Rafe and Sami. Nicole tries to keep him from getting back to Sami and EJ gets more and more frustrated. He wants to be with Sami at midnight, so Nicole is making him angry. EJ tries to push through the crowd and Nicole pulls him in for a kiss.

Rafe passionately kisses Sami. Galen says that Rafe sees it as "a fateful moment that he and Sami end up together at, of all places, a New Year's celebration." He wants to "seize the day and make the most of it."

Vincent Irizarry joins All My Children reboot!

Here is some exciting news! Fan favorite and Daytime Emmy winner, Vincent Irizarry has reached an agreement with Prospect Park to become part of the All My Children reboot! As has been reported, the series is headed for a return in 2013, thus bringing the Martin’s worst nightmare, Dr. David Hayward, back to the fold!

Irizarry announced the news to his excited fans on his facebook page today stating:

B&B: Caroline’s Big Accident!

In the Jan 7th issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article entitled “B&B: Caroline’s Big Accident.”

Says, Things go very bad when Caroline tries to clear the air with Bill. She wants to him to know that she did not betray him; she did not spill the beans about his part in Hope and Liam’s troubles. When she tells Bill what’s going on, things take a strange turn. “She wants to say that Hope probably knows everything now and she just goes to warn him and give him a heads up,” says Godfrey. Bill’s outrage throws her for a loop. He’s pissed and still thinks she betrayed him, plus he’s being drinking. Bill says some very hurtful things like she’s not really a Spencer. The confrontation gets heated and an accident occurs. Caroline is knocked unconscious and is rushed to the hospital. She’s fine but gets banged up and suffers a head injury. Everyone is concerned but Caroline can’t give her side to the story. They don’t know that Bill is pulling one of his moves, lying about what happened. When Caroline regains conscious, she’s very angry and emotional.

Jhonna Flores Previews Her New Role As Troublemaking Adriana on Y&R!

Right after the new year, there is big trouble headed the way of Noah Newman and God knows who else on the Genoa City canvas! That’s when Jhonna Flores debuts as Noah’s girlfriend, Adriana.

Flores will first be seen on-air on the January 4th episode of the number one sudser, The Young and the Restless!

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on sale on newsstands now, Flores gives a bit of insight on what viewers can expect when her new character arrives on the canvas: ” She is seductive and manipulative. She’s from Noah’s past and comes with some trouble under her sleeve. You don’t know what her true motives are. I’m expecting most girls who have crushes om Robert Adamson’s character of Noah, will hate me. I’m ready for it! (Laughs)”

Jhonna also revealed to SOD that her first day on the set was pretty interesting: “It was a little intimidating. They just threw me right in there, which was great. In my first scene, I’m making out with a guy and straddling him on a couch! And, it’s my first on-screen kiss. Now there’s lots of dialogue and scripts to learn, but it’s getting easier.”

Johnny Comes Clean on GH!!

In the Jan. 7th issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article entitled "Johnny Comes Clean on GH."

Johnny as Connie’s hostage finally comes to an end when he confesses to Starr that it was he, not Connie that blew out Anthony’s tires and caused the death of her daughter and boyfriend.

Starts by saying: Connie speeding away with Johnny in the trunk of her car swerves to avoid a stranded Ellie and end up crashing into a rock. Connie scared, flees the crash, and leaves Johnny in the trunk. She is not aware there was a second car which Trey and Kristina was passengers. Connie slips and is left dangling from a cliff screaming for help. Meanwhile, Starr and Michael discover Connie’s car and wonder where she went. They find Johnny in the trunk and free him. Starr then hears screaming and realizes its Connie. Starr kneeling down over Connie’s dangling body asks her why she should help her. It may be better for everyone if she slipped and died. The moment of truth comes when Johnny finds them and sees that Connie is about to die. He tells Starr that Connie did not cause Hope and Cole’s deaths and admits it was him. Johnny ultimately helps Connie up over the ledge and pow and Starr smacks him and it’s on!

By week’s end Ellie’s fate is considered and that of another young PC resident whom the crash may prove deadly.

Y&R: Fenmore Outs Summer!!

At Nick’s house Jamie informs Summer that he’s planning to leave town. He feels there is no one for him to lean on top of the bullying. He suggests that Summer come with him and she’s shocked. Summer realizes Jamie is going through the same thing she has in wanting to run. She tells him not to leave and he has other options. Summer hugs him in an “I’m here for you buddy” kind of way,” King explains. Upon the hug Fen arrives and witnesses it. She tells him it did not mean anything but Fen doesn't want to listen. He thinks it was more than friendship. He gets mad and tells Jamie that Summer is really Britini, the girl who started harassing him. This leaves Jamie devastated and horrified.

Y&R’s Chelsea Makes a Desperate Plea!!

In the Jan. 7th issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article entitled "Y&R’s Chelsea Makes a Desperate Plea."

Starts by saying, With her marriage in shambles, Chelsea decides to go out for New Years. She fixes herself up and goes out for a night out on the town. While out, she meets Alex and they flirt with each other. It isn't long before Chelsea get nervous and puts an end to the flirtation and bolts.

Chelsea returns home and Adam is waiting for her in a tuxedo, with a candlelight dinner. Adam asks Chelsea for another chance. She says yes if only they can leave Genoa City, Adam agrees. MCE says “it’s a good night for Chadam,” since they reunited before midnight.

Meanwhile, Jack is on a pill and liquor bender and wakes up the next morning with a strange woman. He later summons Adam and Phyllis and admits he needs help. They all agree to lie that Jack has had a heart attack to cover for his stay in rehab.

Chelsea informs Chloe of she and Adam’s plans and Chloe advises her against it, tells her she’ll get her heartbroken again. MCE is quoted saying: “Chloe is being the voice of reason,” but she believes Adam this time. That is until he announces that they can’t move because he might have to run Newman Enterprises during Jack’s absence. It disappoints her and she tells Adam if he loves her more than Sharon and Newman he will leave with her.

DAYS: John and Brady Face Off Over Kristen!

This week's issue of Soap Opera Digest has an article about John/Brady/Kristen.

John is shocked when he walks in on Kristen and Brady having sex. He confronts a celebratory Kristen at the Salem Inn where she reveals she had revenge on her mind all along and her plan is to destroy Brady and John's relationship. "It's very evil," explains Drake Hogestyn.

Kristen, meanwhile, has more of a "What took you so long?" mentality. "Kristen thinks John is really stupid for not catching on," sneers Eileen Davidson. "This isn't about her hurting Brady, it's about her hurting John. When John says that she's going to hurt his son, she tells him, 'No, I'm not going to hurt your son. I'm going to hurt you."

John is upset to learn Kristen hasn't changed after all.

Across town, Brady tells Marlena about what happened and Marlena feels guilty for sending John to Brady's office and setting the whole thing in motion. Brady asks Marlena if she could ever accept his relationship with Kristen and she says no, which upsets Brady.

Later, John and Marlena meet up to discuss what transpired and devise a plan to save Brady. "Marlena said all along that Kristen had an agenda," explains Hogestyn. "If John had known the Brady/Kristen relationship existed, he would have stopped it immediately, but now they're deeply into it."

Nevertheless, John and Marlena try to put a stop to the budding romance and burst into Kristen's hotel room just as she and Brady are ringing in the new year with a kiss. Brady refuses to believe John and Marlena's claim that Kristen is using him. "Lust is a very strong motivator," explains Hogestyn. "Both Brady and John are very sexual human beings. I remember quite vividly that Kristen had a lot to offer in that particular department."

The discussion continues in the park, where John and Brady have a confrontation and things get physical. "Brady swings at John," reveals Hogestyn. "He wants John to stay out of his life. It's a very pivotal moment in any relationship, especially between father and son, when it comes to the proverbial blows. It's very sad and pushes them even further apart."

Explains Martsolf, "John basically calls Brady out on his behavior and tells him he's being dumb. It goes from a father questioning his son to essentially telling him, 'You're wrong. How can you be this blind?' It becomes very derogatory. It just blows up."

Kristen is beyond thrilled by the fight. "Kristen was hoping for this," enthuses Davidson. "It's more than she could have expected in her wildest dreams. The fact that it's coming true is unbelievable."

Brady and John wind up in the hospital where they are treated for their injuries. Kristen apologizes to Brady for everything that has happened and it appears that she is starting to care for him. "Her feelings for Brady are real, but she is motivated by hatred so it's hard to know exactly where she's at from one moment to the next," explains Davidson. "Does she really like him or is it just part of her plan? She does, but she is also going to continue with this plan. From Kristen's point of view, she's been laying the groundwork for a very long time. The angrier people get with Kristen, the more it helps her case with Brady."

The Week In The Year 1997!

Tad, Edmund, and Gillian devised a plan to expose Dimitri as a kidnapper. Gloria learned that she was not pregnant. Mateo exposed Adam and his fake illness. After crying wolf so many times, no one believed Adam when he later suffered a real mini-stroke. Trevor proposed to Janet, but she turned him down as part of a promise to Natalie. Tim ran away from home and two thugs mugged him. A woman, who he believed to be his mother, saved his life. Erica was granted parole and returned home just in time for Christmas.

David snooped at Jessica's desk and saw the agreement between Rosanna and Carly. The assets at the City Times were frozen, leaving Emily with nothing. Barbara continued to turn away from John. Margo refused to allow Hal to take Adam to Al's diner with him and Carly. Lew hid the fact that he had feeling returning to his legs. Holden told Jack that he wasn't going to marry Molly. He was going to marry Lily, but it was all a secret. David blackmailed Carly. Kirk got his old job back at WorldWide. All the Oakdale families celebrated Christmas.

Brooke questioned Ridge's true feelings. Just as Taylor was telling Ridge about the baby, Brooke announced that she was pregnant. James spent Christmas at Sheila's bedside. He told Maggie that he had not seen any signs of insanity from Sheila, and he planned to stay with her and the baby. Maggie and Mike teamed up to kidnap Sheila. They installed her in the Bates Motel from the movie Psycho.

Dr. Wu pronounced Jonesy healthy as could be, and Jonesy wanted to consummate his marriage to Vivian. While Salemites shopped in Salem Place, Jack and Jen hid in a cave near the Grand Canyon, while Peter was flying overhead, looking for them. The man found dead in the Canyon was Travis. Salemites gathered to light the Salem Mall tree and sing carols. Susan returned with Thomas to get her baby, Elvis. Kristen opened the door to Sister Moira, and Kristen and Thomas were astonished to meet "the Banks triplets." The Hortons hung their traditional ornaments. Bo read the Christmas story at the hospital. The Bradys celebrated Kim being there with Andrew and Jeanie. Salem celebrated Christmas everywhere. Stefano helped John to give Susan her baby back. . Jack and Jen got back safely, but Peter, who was very ill, was still looking for Jen. Roman gifted Marlena with their old house, hoping to get a clean bill of health, so they could be married.

Alexis told Stefan she was his sister Natasha. Brenda was released from the hospital but continued to sink mentally. When Jason went to visit Brenda, she hit on him. Carly began to bleed, but passed out before she could call for help.

Hart was astonished at Dinah's surprise wedding. Michelle remained blind but hid it from Jesse. Alan commented to Annie that it was apparent that she would stop at nothing to hurt Reva and her family, and Annie whole-heartedly agreed. Buzz learned the truth and ran away. The wedding was interrupted. Buzz went into a church, where he found an abandoned baby by the altar. Buzz experienced an epiphany causing him to return to his family for Christmas. Josh and family went on a "treasure hunt" with directions from "Santa" and found a new home. Hart told Dinah that he didn't want to marry her.

Ian and Kelly went whale-watching. Téa tried to get closer to Todd at the inn. Todd backed away and told her she was free of their deal. Téa was about to leave when Blair made her change her mind. Max, Dorian, Mel, and Antonio all returned to Llanview. Addie underwent hypnosis and recalled something about her mother's "teacher."

Tony gave Grace an engagement ring for Christmas and kept pushing her to tell Sharon about Cassie. Danny and Phyllis fought over who would have Daniel for Christmas. Ryan got the chance to visit Phillip and Nina the day after Christmas. Neil refused to attend the Christmas Eve party at Malcolm's, even after Lily begged him over the phone to go. He finally did show up after the party was long over and found that Dru and Lily had flown off to Hawaii. The Christmas party at the ranch was interrupted by a call from the hospital telling Victor that Diane had been admitted with a bleeding ulcer. Nikki didn't believe she was really ill and said so. From the hospital, Victor called Nikki and told her she had been cruel to his wife.


Monday 12/31/12
Brady tries to explain his relationship with Kristen to John; Eric gives Gabi and Nick his blessing; Adrienne apologizes for doubting Will.

Tuesday 1/1/13
Kristen reveals her plot to John; Brady asks Marlena if she will ever accept Kristen; Nicole feigns drunkenness to draw E.J. from Sami; Jennifer and Daniel share a romantic moment.

Wednesday 1/2/13
John and Marlena try to get Brady away from Kristen; E.J. surprises Sami with a dinner; Gabi seeks a truce with Sonny.

Thursday 1/3/13
Sami lashes out at Kristen; Rafe tells Nicole he thinks things will work out with Sami; Eric chooses not to talk to Nicole about his family problems.

Friday 1/4/13
Marlena warns Brady away from Kristen; Rafe promises Sami they will be together; Abigail expresses concerns about going out with Chad; Chloe shows up at Daniel's place.

12/31, Repeat Episode

1/1, N/A

1/2, Todd questions Carly's feelings toward Johnny; Lulu and Dante celebrate; a dramatic event changes lives.

1/3, An event leaves lives hanging in the balance; Todd and Carly share a kiss; Starr finds Connie in need of help.

1/4, Maxie and Spinelli make a decision; Johnny threatens Carly's happiness; two injured citizens fight for their lives.

(Hope's Question)
12/31, Hope questions Liam about their future; Katie is concerned about Bill's latest focus.

(The Wedding Update (Repeat Episode)
1/1, Hope and Liam's friends and family gather together for their wedding; Steffy contacts Eric and Stephanie to fill them in on what's happening in Italy.

1/2, People become suspcious of Bill after Caroline experiences an accident; Steffy begs Liam not to think about getting back together with Hope.

(Clearing his Name)
1/3, Bill tries to prove that he didn't cause Caroline's accident; Hope has some vicious words for Bill.

(Run In)
1/4, Liam lets Rick know how he feels about what he did; Liam gives Hope an answer to her question.

Monday 12/31/12
Daniel returns; Leslie's challenge exposes something about Neil.

Tuesday 1/1/13
Chelsea and Adam plan for a new start; the citizens of Genoa City ring in the New Year.

Wednesday 1/2/13
Jack acts shockingly; Chloe's coup enchants Kevin.

Thursday 1/3/13
Jack and Victor have a confrontation; Phyllis and Daniel say goodbye.

Friday 1/4/13
Kevin and Chloe enjoy their fortune; Fen and Summer's fight troubles Michael.

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isntdaveone 29th-Dec-2012 03:36 am (UTC)
now that Joe Jr. is dead and Trey will die next week, i hope this means that Connie/Kate will become integrated or something and that story will be resolved for good.
gogeta1 29th-Dec-2012 03:42 am (UTC)
I hope you're right!
daisyazul 29th-Dec-2012 03:25 pm (UTC)
oh shit they're killing trey!? well as long as its not Johnny I guess
celica18l 29th-Dec-2012 09:49 pm (UTC)
they are killing trey? sheesh. Where do you get your spoilers?
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