GQ's 25 Most Stylish Men of 2012

(My personal fav, of course...)
Whether it was athletes stepping up their game off the field, rappers saying goodbye to gaudy excess, or actors actually giving a ****, 2012 was the year famous guys finally got serious about taking risks and looking good. These are best-dressed gents we saw on every red carpet, big event, and beyond this year ending today with the five men who stood stylishly above the rest.

5. Ewan McGregor
McGregor kicked off 2012 with a pretty nice GQ spread (if we do say so ourselves), and a walk down the Golden Globes red carpet that made us proud. After that, the man never looked back when it came to black-tie dressing, acing every formal occasion from Cannes and beyond in sleek one-button tuxes that were anything but stuffy.
4. Bruno Mars
Mars is part modern-day Sammy Davis Jr., part mellow Bob Marley type, and the combo makes for one stylish musician. The singer's sharp suits nod to the past but never feel retro, as much a result of Mars's signature swagger as it is his knowing how to mix it up, like pairing sockless loafers with a suit.

3. David Beckham
His sons dress better than plenty of grown men, so it makes sense that the elder Beckham would still know a thing or two about looking good. The soccer player has been a style icon for years and based on the last twelve months, that title isn't going away. Unlike years ago though, when the global star was burning through trends and hairstyles, 2012 saw Beckham master a more refined, gentlemanly look that every guy could learn from.
2. Zac Efron
Efron left every other young Hollywood twenty-something in his stylish wake this year by clearly caring about details. Each of the actor's looks on and off the red carpet practically followed a GQ checklist of dressing directives for a young modern guy, from how clothes should fit, to investing in key pieces, to keeping it all simple but never boring.
1. Daniel Craig
Like the double-0 agent he plays on the big screen, Daniel Craig's go-to is a perfectly cut Tom Ford suit that frankly makes other famous guys look like they've never heard of a tailor. But the actor's hardly just a mannequin for his favorite designer's wares, and 2012 saw Craig expanding his sartorial horizons into new GQ-approved areas, whether it be adopting the brown suit, playing with unconventional shirt and tie combos, or just saying "eff it" and showing up to a premiere in some eye-grabbing Nikes.