Robert Pattinson Visits London Pub On Christmas Eve


Robert Pattinson was spotted by a number of fans at London’s Sun Inn pub on Dec. 24. Sadly, Kristen Stewart was not with Rob for Christmas.
Twitter user @bugzzb said,  ”R patts at the sun inn #wotusayintwilight.” Another user, @ChloeLoubet, said, ”Standing next to Robert pattinson in a pub.”
Other fans noted Rob’s sexy jawline and complimented his black hat. (He must still be hiding his new short haircut!) @Mazdem said, “Yes, that’s Robert Pattinson in the black hat in my local!”
@Benbogle91 added, ”Just clocked Robert Pattinson at my local. Great jawline. #Starstruck #RPatz.”
In the photos, Rob, 26, looks to be having a great time on Christmas Eve, laughing with friends and enjoying himself. After spending months promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2, Rob deserves to kick back and relax during the holidays!
Rob recently spent a week in New York City, shooting a commercial for his new men’s Dior fragrance

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he better get some rest before he starts shooting all those 62542728 movies he's got lined up for 2013.