Alone at Christmas: Troubled child star Macaulay Culkin's solitary lunch for one at Taco Bell

He was plagued by drug dependency rumours at the beginning of the year.
And Macaulay Culkin proved that he was doing just fine as he hit the shops to get the last of his Christmas gifts on Saturday, despite starting the day by eating alone at Taco Bell.
The former child star cut a solitary figure as he wandered around New York, before stopping off at the Mexican restaurant to tuck into a tasty lunch.

Eating alone: Macaulay Culkin cuts a solitary figure as he dines alone in Taco Bell before hitting the shops on Saturday
While many people will be watching the festive Home Alone films over the holidays, in which Macaulay stars as a young boy accidentally left at home by himself, the star seemed quite happy to be spending his day alone, pounding the streets of SoHo.

The star, who dated Mila Kunis for nearly nine years, dispelled any rumours that he was undernourished by stopping off at the fast food restaurant as soon as he got into town, buying a hefty meal and sitting on his own to eat it.

After re-fueling, the 32-year-old set about hitting the shops, as did many other New Yorkers in the run up to Christmas Day.

Looking healthy: The actor looks fit and well after a year of being plagued by drug dependency rumours

culkin giftsculkin-empty

Lonely boy: The star spends his day on his own, picking up some gifts after his lunch

Trying to go as incognito as possible, Macaulay wore a floppy grey hat over his blonde mop of hair, leaving just tuft of the trademark mane sticking out.
He also wore a pair of dark Ray Ban sunglasses and wrapped a stripy scarf tightly around his neck, pulling it up tight under his chin.
The sometimes eccentric-looking star could have passed for any other shopper in a pair of loose-fitting blue jeans and a buttoned-up black jacket.
With headphones in his ears, and puffing on a cigarette, the artist stopped by a number of high street shops, picking up some clothes in Banana Republic and a portable record player in Urban Outfitters.
All wrapped up: The former child star tries to go incognito in a large grey hat and sunglasses

The former child star has recently turned his $2m New York apartment into a painting studio and recently released a video promoting new art exhibition Leisure Inferno.
Macaulay, who is worth a reported $15 million, created Three Men and a Baby (3MB), an art collective with friends Adam Green and Toby Goodshank.
When The National Enquirer reported that he was 'close to death,' because of an addiction to prescription drugs and heroin, his publicist Michelle Bega told MailOnline that the claims were 'fictitious' and 'categorically without merit.'

Child star: Macaulay was known for his role in the classic children's film Home Alone

i spent hours debating with myself about posting this because i don't want the taco bell pic to be the new kirk cameron subway and cake pic. but it's still less depressing than that one. plus he does look less sick! which makes me cold heart glad. and i know, i know.  source of fail. but there's a video there! so happy holiday of your choosing! may you only have to spend your meals at taco bell alone in the coming year if you choose to do so.
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