David Tennant and Billie Piper panel at Midnight Convention

David Tennant attended the Midnight Fan Convention at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham on Sunday 16th December.
Billie Piper also attended that day and she and David did a photo shoot (both separately and together) and signed autographs, plus attended a guest talk together and the closing ceremony (at 6.30pm).

Below is a detailed report of the questions asked at the panel gathered together from various fans on the internet and from someone who helps update DavidTennantOnTwitter.com who attended the panel in person.

The panel started a few minutes late but it lasted over the hour which was allocated.

The first question was about a Doctor Who movie. Both David Tennant and Billie Piper said that they did not know anything about a movie and both felt that if there was one, they and their characters would not be involved.

David Tennant jokingly suggested that Billie could be cast as Rose's mum in a Doctor Who movie!

When asked about acting both David and Billie suggested that you should only do acting if there is nothing else you can do as there are too many people going for the same few roles. They also suggest that you should enjoy yourself if you do act.

When asked what Rose and The Doctor 10.5 are doing in the alternative universe, they jokingly suggested working, just kicking back or doing organic farming. They also joked that those two characters would be returning for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary!

In regards to the episode Journey’s End, David said that he loved Rose’s departure and maintained that 10.5 wasn’t a fake Doctor (he joked that he just didn’t wear a tie). David said that he thought Rose went for that version as she wouldn’t have been able to keep the real Doctor.

They were then asked about a classic Doctor Who monster they would like to battle. As Billie’s knowledge of the series was lacking, David suggested the Zygons.

There next followed two smutty questions about shagging and ‘if Rose was a whore’ which they did not answer but David jokingly asked if John Barrowman had written those questions!

If The Doctor and Rose had twins David joked that they would be called Gallifrey and Debenhams!

The paint used in Much Ado About Nothing was children’s face paint.

David Tennant said that, even though the fame can be quite overwhelming, he has never regretted agreeing to take the role in Doctor Who. He said that the pros outweigh the cons but that there are things which can be overwhelming. However it is 95% positive.

David says that he could not discuss any stage plans but he is always looking and he hopes to return to the stage ‘soonish’.

David was out of the country until yesterday and only found out yesterday that he will be playing the Virgin Mary in the nativity play for Absolute Radio.

In a nativity play when he was a child, David played the inn keeper and a non-speaking Joseph. (He joked Mary wouldn't shut up)

Billie and David have talked about working together in other roles and hope that they could work together again. This was followed by a hug and huge cheers from the audience.

They were then asked about the final farewell scene in The End Of Time which they both said they loved although Billie found going back into the character of Rose difficult as she was filming Secret Diary Of A Call Girl too and it felt very rushed. However they were both glad to have done it and were thrilled with the costumes.

David thought it was very important that all of the ex-companions were involved in his last episode and he was very moved that everyone was able to be a part of it.

Billie Piper wished she had been able to work with Catherine Tate more and David said that he would love to work with both Billie Piper and Catherine Tate again.

About the Midnight convention they said that it was odd for them to see people dress as their characters but they both find very touching.

David said that his guilty pleasures are coffee (but not instant coffee), strong black drip coffee and Cadbury Boost, plus Costa tiffin.

A fan thanked both David and Billie for making their Christmas special and everybody cheered!

David Tennant said that he can not say if he would return to Doctor Who as it would depend on the circumstances. And on him being asked!

Billie thinks she is finished with Doctor Who. Both say that they would not want to step on other people’s toes.

David was thrilled about features in the new Doctor Who which has nods to past Doctor Who.

One of David Tennant’s favourite moments on Doctor Who was when Rose’s face had disappeared and David had to act with the green spots with both David and Billie trying not to laugh.

They also said that the Werewolf pre-CGI actor’s outfit exposed him quite a lot and that everyone including the Director kept looking! This included David!

When asked about their favourite people to work with on Doctor Who, Billie said Camille Coduri and Shaun Dingwall who played her parents. David Tennant joked nobody and then mentioned Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Catherine Tate. David said that he became close to a number of people on Doctor Who who became great friends of his. (David was also referring to Georgia, his wife, although not by name but when the crowd went "aawww" he said "Moving on!")

David Tennant also remembered fondly the special times he had working with Elisabeth Sladen "She was just heaven and she could run!" He also said that she was part of his childhood and that she was as lovely, vulnerable, vibrant and gorgeous as he had expected.

David and Billie bonded immediately on set and got into a great grove which David thought was a huge relief as it meant that time turned out to be so much fun.

Billie Piper says that she misses David Tennant, Wales and the crew about leaving Doctor Who. David said that there was nothing like working on Doctor Who and that he misses his friends there, plus the scripts.

When asked about how to do accents well, David says that he thinks it is really hard. Billie said that he has a great English accent for a Scot, although David said the Rs are difficult. David Tennant also revealed that he can't pronounce the word Peugot properly as he says ‘Pergeout’.

The worst moment on Doctor Who for Billie Piper was the freezing cold night shoot for Rise Of The Cybermen dressed in a waitress outfit. David Tennant also remembered being very cold filming Fear Her.

The scariest stuff for David and Billie were the more sinister characters such as Davros, The Host in Tooth and Claw and the Beast in The Satan Pit (which David described as very unsettling), plus David mentioned the monster in Midnight (Yes OMG) and the Weeping Angels.

Billie Piper and David Tennant then jokingly argued about their Top Gear laps and see-through tops, plus the car problems David experienced! David said that he refuses to admit that he was beaten by a girl but that he is not bitter!

Talking about John Barrowman David Tennant said that John never disappoints and he has never known him to be in a bad mood but also never or to be appropriate or to have filters!

Somebody asked David about the perfect plot for a 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who so David started by saying that it should open on William Hartnell and then said that the question was too difficult to answer! He suggested that the questioner answered it and that maybe Billie could return as a Zygon!

Asked about which tips Billie and David would give to a young actor they replied that they should get an agent, go to drama school but mainly do it because they really want to do it and follow their dream.

The final person to ask a question thanked wished them both a brilliant Christmas and asked David to say Allons-y which he did!

David and Billie then thanked everyone from coming from all around the world to the convention.

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Live Feed From David Tennant & Billie Piper's Midnight Panel

We're currently at the Guest Chat with David Tennant and Billie Piper at the Doctor Who fan convention, "Midnight" in Birmingham.
Below are a collection of our live tweets from David & Billie's conversation:

David Tennant & Billie Piper deny that there is a Doctor Who movie and doubt they would be cast if there was one.
David Tennant says that Billie could play Rose's mum now - he just about gets away with that comment!
David Tennant & Billie Piper swerve the question of what 10.2 and Rose are getting up to although David then says organic farming!
Billie Piper says she's never seen the Doctor Who episode Journey's End!
David Tennant denies 10.2 is a fake. He's exactly the same as the Doctor but he doesn't wear a tie!
David Tennant covers for Billie Piper's lack of classic Who knowledge and says that the classic monster they would like to battle is the Zygons.
Questioning takes on a more adult tone. David asks if the panel has been scripted by John Barrowman!!
The Doctor and Rose would have twins says David, called Gallifrey and Debenhams!
David Tennant says, even though the fame can be quite overwhelming he has never regretted saying yes to Russell T Davies.
Billie Piper is forced to recall the bean husk in the hot chocolate episode.
Billie Piper wishes she had been able to work with Catherine Tate more.
David will not be drawn on the question of a return to the stage. He eventually said he hoped to soonish.
David Tennant only found out yesterday that he will be playing the Virgin Mary in the Ab solute Radio nativity play.
David would love to work with both Billie Piper & Catherine Tate again.
David Tennant & Billie Piper say they have talked about working together again and say it's only a matter of time.
David Tennant was moved that all of the ex-companions were involved in his last episode and thrilled that Billie Piper could take part.
Billie Piper's guilty pleasures: lager, rubbish TV and che esy music
David Tennant's guilty pleasures - drinking strong black coffee till his heart stops and eating Cadbury's Boost. Also Costa Tiffin.
David Tennant says a return to Doctor Who would depend on the circumstances. And being asked!
Billie Piper's favourite moments: on the beach and falling down the lift shaft
Recalling what made them laugh on set - Rose losing her face and the werewolf. All the serious stuff!
Billie's favour ite people to work with we're Camille and Shaun Dingwall. David Tennant mentions RTD, Julie Gardner, Catherine Tate
David Tennant also remembers fondly the special times working with Elisabeth Sladen "She was just heaven"
Billie Piper says that she & David Tennant bonded instantly. David found it a huge relief that it turned out to be so much fun.
Billie Piper says that she misses David Tennant, Wales and the crew.
Bil lie Piper - filming some of the more 'awkward' scenes in Secret Diary she had to be detached and trust in her co-stars.
David Tennant reveals that he can't pronounce the word Peugot properly!
Worst moments on set: Billie Piper recalls a freezing cold night shoot for Rise Of The Cybermen dressed in a waitress outfit.
David Tennant also remembers being very cold filming Fear Her.
Scariest stuff for David & Billie: Davros, The Host in Tooth and Claw and the Beast in The Satan Pit.
Billie Piper and David Tennant are now arguing about their Top Gear laps and see through tops.
The questions turn back to the on set antics of John Barrowman David Tennant says John is good value to have around.
David is persuaded to give a final allons-y before leaving!

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Talk parallel Rose and Doctor plus Rose Tyler's exit

Talk Zygons and take a very awkward question from an attendee

Discuss possible future collaborations and hug

Saying goodbye + David says Allons-y

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