Last week, I began a series of APOPCALYPSE 2012 POSTS based on speculations about the end of the meticulous Mayan calendar. However, in light of current events, I thought it'd be distasteful to joke about the end of the world so, as a sort of moment of silence, I took a break. Ultimately, I decided to wait until today to make this quasi-MEGAPOST.

In reading through some of the comments in previous posts, some users have been talking about some serious issues facing them. I have been so proud of my fellow ONTDers for feeling comfortable discussing those issues and for those who took the time to talk to them and provide comfort. We are ONTD and we look out for each other. If you see someone in need, please continue to provide comfort. If you're feeling anything and are uncomfortable or unable to discuss it irl or elsewhere, feel free to discuss openly, ONTD will take care of you the best we know how.

in increasing order of no1curr (although ONTDgenerallycurr about these)

[REM- It"s The End of the World]

[Europe - The Final Countdown]

[QUEEN Britney - Till The World Ends]

[The Doors - The End]

[Muse - Apocalypse Please]

[Linkin Park - In the End]

Honorable Mentions

[ADELE - Skyfall]

[Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning Is The End]

[Beyonce - End of Time]

[The Beatles - The End]

[Golden Girls - Henny Penny (not a mv, but still flawless)]

[Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone]

Please post some fun songs. Some users complained that all the videos slowed their browsers down big time, if you could hide your videos behind a spoiler tag as shown below, that'd be appreciated.

<[delete]lj-spoiler text="ARTIST - SONG">YOUTUBE EMBED GOES HERE<[delete]/lj-spoiler>

Hang in there, ONTD.

Thanks, hera_bearrra for bless this post with this image.

Also, happy birthday to changethemusic

Also, could you all give a b'day shout out to thekidwholived on the second page who's turning 21 in sobriety on ONTD.