Weight related:

There's this retail job I work during major holidays. I used to work there full-time before I started school, so I'm really close with everyone there but I sometimes go months without seeing them face-to-face. The past like 3-4 times I've shown up for holiday work, they've all been like "omfg you've slimmed down!"

That's cool, I guess, except my weight has remained exactly the same. Pound for pound, no changes in overall weight distribution, not changed anything at all about my diet/exercise, haven't grown any in height. 100% the same. So I really do not know how to respond or what to make of these comments. I'm always just like, "Oh, I'm the same I was last time you saw me!" because I literally am.

And I've never been overweight - always on the slim-to-average side - so it's not like telling me that I lost weight would be considered a great complement or something. Like if I lost 10 lbs I would be underweight, so telling me I look like I lost weight is kind of disconcerting.