Gwyneth used to be "totally flabby"

Celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson believes that she is a genius who has singularly revolutionized the fitness industry because she practically invented exercise; that her method of "spot-reduction" is so great it defies the science that disproves its effectiveness; and that Gwyneth Paltrow used to be fat until she began working with her in 2006.

Or at least, that's the way that she comes off in a new interview in The New York Times. The piece hilariously opens with Anderson freaking out with excitement over a shiny object—literally bouncing up and down—only to instantly snap into a foul mood something reminded her of some former employees (the uncertified trainers she hired to work in her gyms based on their "hotness") who she says ripped off her routines and stole her clients.

"It makes me sad for humanity, actually, that people would take all my hard work and then pose like they have a method that they have tried and tested," she said of her former employees, becoming so angry she struggled for words. "They're not even lip-syncing what I do. They're, like, karaokeing off my songs."

But, Anderson says that she and Paltrow, as businesswomen, are "really smart like Coca-Cola" so they aren't that threatened by competition. So does that mean that her former employees are Pepsi? Because Pepsi does pretty well and gives Coca-Cola a run for its money.
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