Elf Fwee Cat
SO at work I brused my ribs. I could barely walk and was in pain.

I'm a photographer and they asked me to go and help with all the customers cuz i know how to calm down people.

I'm taking pictures and then they said they needed me to sell cuz i'm the best seller (yeah i'm needed a Lot)

i can't run so i put down the camera next to my coworkers and hobble back and help everyone sell photos. so after a while i see me coworkers come back. I ask them where the camera was. They are like what camera.

I go back and it's missing.

Lucky for us there is a camera. We find the footage and it was so sneaky. the guys went through a side entrance to avoid people. they then just walked away. Didn't even go on the tour. they had the camera and walked away. they fucking hid it as they walked passed us.

I felt so fucking bad. It was MY camera but the companies lens and flash. I cried. It was stupid that i left there assuming someone would get it.

Obvs the guys were never caught. mostly because it was NYC.

the cops fucking came after we had closed up.