ABC moves Happy Endings and Apartment 23 to Sundays at 10pm

ABC is doing another number on 666 Park Avenue fans.

Having already denied the supernatural-tinged, “seductive” drama a full season, the Alphabet network now has shelved its plan to unspool the remaining episodes starting next month.

Instead, an extra helping of original episodes of the Happy Endings/Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 sitcombo will fill the Sundays-at-10 void starting Jan. 6, with 666 Park‘s unaired episodes now expected to see the light of day… come summer.

Both Happy Endings and Apartment 23 will also continue to also air fresh episodes in Tuesday’s 9 o’clock hour. (With both comedies set to be sidelined by the next cycle of Dancing With the Stars come March, the sitcoms have inventory to spare.)
A night where ABC hasn't put a scripted comedy on since the late '80s at 10pm?  Hate to say it but they're both

Updated to help the confusion from the initial post