25 Top Bromances of 2012


It's guy love.
There are few things more compelling than an epic bromance, whether it's purely platonic, hidden beneath a public rivalry, or the sort of things people write thousand and thousands of fan fiction stories about on Tumblr. 2012 was a great year for bromance -- from the Chris Christie/Barack Obama bromance that proved bros could transcend party lines, to "The Vampire Diaries'" Damon and Alaric who proved that even death can't stop bros from bro-ing out. Here are the 25 bromances that made 2012 a bromarkable year.

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

47% Bromance.

Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps, Team USA

Who needs brains when you've got all that brawn, bro?

Kanye West and Jay-Z

Their bromance makes way more money than your bromance.

'The Avengers'

Take any Avenger. Put him in a room with any other Avenger.


Sherlock and John, 'Sherlock'

The bromance we have to include, otherwise Tumblr will eat us.

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