Josh Hutcherson to Star in 'Paradise Lost' + poses with J.Law's nephew and tumblr goes crazy

A note to those who were enthralled by the prospects of Bradley Cooper's once-developing Paradise Lost film adaptation: don't get too excited over this new announcement. Yes, Josh Hutcherson is in talks to star in a movie titled Paradise Lost, but it is not at all related to John Milton's classic epic poem. In fact, Deadline reports that Hutcherson is looking to take on a leading role in a biopic about drug kingpin Pablo Escobar... which still sounds pretty interesting, especially considering the fact that Benicio del Toro has been named as the potential star to take on the role of Escobar. has reached out to Hutcherson's reps to confirm his involvement, but they were not immediately available for comment.

Interestingly, instead of centering the attention on the infamous criminal himself, the story looks to follow Hutcherson's potential surfer character Nick, who takes up a romance with a young woman who turns out to be Escobar's daughter. This seems to suggest a stray from your usual biopic formula; instead, what we might see will more closely resemble the structure of narrative romantic drama. The sort of relationship shared between Escobar and Nick is as of yet unknown, but more often than not, when you date a known drug lord and murderer's daughter, you're in for something a bit more volatile than Meet the Parents. Although, this could very well work its way into a pretty good comedy premise...

The film will be the directorial debut of actor Andrea Di Stefano, who is also handling the script.


A new photo from behind-the-scenes of the Hawaii set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is making the rounds online due to the overwhelming adorable factor it possesses.

The photo shows Josh Hutcherson, in costume for his role as Peeta Mellark, posing with a very young fan -- a fan who, according to FanPop, is actually Jennifer Lawrence's young nephew.

A bevy of photos from the set of Catching Fire overtook the Internet during the movie's first week filming in Hawaii, but the snapshots have since tapered off. Late last week, a few images of Hutcherson sporting a fake head wound surfaced, but otherwise, all has been quiet from the set of Catching Fire.

The movie is expected to wrap-up filming by the end of next week. It hits theaters November 22, 2013.


tumblr went cray cray over this. posting fan fics about this being his kid, this being a baby mellark (including fake christmas cards from the mellark family) lawwd