The Greatest Movie People of 2012

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Pictured above: The Avengers to every other film this year.

They had a very good year...

Joss Whedon

The worst kept secret in Hollywood. The geek of geeks. And the only guy crazy enough to contemplate taking on the biggest blockbuster Marvel (and 2012, come to think of it) have to offer.

Those Whedonites who’ve stuck with Sir Joss through his many trials on screens big and small (Buffy dumped by the WB then cancelled, Fireflyunceremoniously shafted, Alien: Resurrection butchered and Serenity all but ignored) knew he had it in him, and with Avengers Assemble he well and truly delivered.

Crammed with action and wit, and somehow giving us everything we wanted from every one of our favourite Avengers, his Avengers was a soaring success both critically and commercially. He must have a clone beavering away somewhere, though – somehow Whedon even found time to co-write 2012’s sharpest comedy-horror Cabin In The Woods

Whedon, you owned 2012. Next up, Avengers 2

Jennifer Lawrence

This was the year that Jennifer Lawrence started growing up. Obviously, we know the biggie: not content with having one franchise under her belt (see X-Men: First Class), she risked fan ire by taking on the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

Her nuanced performance silenced nay-sayers, too, and The Hunger Gameswas one of the year’s most successful big hitters – embraced by bookworms and movie-goers alike, it thrust Lawrence still further into the spotlight. It’s a place she seems relatively happy in, at least judging by her relaxed, jokey interviews.

So how did she grow up? Well, she nabbed a role in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook. Not just any role – it’s the one that might grab her that elusive Oscar. Playing a troubled young woman, it’s a role typical of Lawrence, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t tackle it with characteristic guts. Keep those eyes peeled come Oscar season.

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Kathleen Kennedy

If you’d never heard of her before 2012 (if you lived on the moon, maybe), by the tail-end of 2012, Kennedy had become one of the most talked-about women working in movieland.

Two words: Star Wars. When George Lucas handed Lucasfilm over to Disney, Kennedy stepped up as president of the beard’s ex-company. Which put her top of the pile when it comes to move-making in La-La-Land.

If there was any doubt that a new Star Wars film was a bad idea, Kennedy’s quickly set about gaining our confidence with smart choices. She hired Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) to write the script, and rumours abound that Matthew Vaughn will be the one behind the camera.

Kathleen Kennedy – get used to the name. She’s already been in the industry for over 30 years, and she’s going to be around a little while longer.

1-30 presented without commentary - commentary at the source. 

1. Joss Whedon
2. Jennifer Lawrence
3. Kathleen Kennedy
4. George Lucas
5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
6. Tom Hardy
7. Michael Fassbender
8. Matthew McConaughey
9. Tom Cruise
10. Barbara Broccoli (involved with Bond films)
11. Christopher Nolan
12. Jessica Chastain
13. Anne Hathaway
14. Jamie Foxx
15. Martin Freeman
16. Lena Dunham
17. Gareth Evans (The Raid)
18. Tom Hiddleston
19. Ben Affleck
20. Kathryn Bigelow
21. Channing Tatum
22. Jean Dujardin
23. Amy Adams
24. Elizabeth Olsen
25. Emily Blunt
26. Andrew Garfield
27. Rebel Wilson
28. Uggie the Dog
29. Elizabeth Banks
30. Daniel Radcliffe