Emily Owens MD Promo Photos and Episode description!

Yes this is your weekly reminder that Emily Owens MD is still on the air.
[1x08 episode guide]The CW released the official guide of Emily Owens M.D. episode 8 “Emily and.. the Car and the Cards” — which airs on Tuesday, Jan. 1st.


When a female car accident victim is brought into the ER everyone immediately blames her boyfriend for causing the accident, bringing up painful memories for Will (Justin Hartley).
Emily (Mamie Gummer) discovers that her cancer patient refuses to undergo surgery, fearing that reconstructive surgery will end her career and relationship.
Meanwhile, Will is forced to make a difficult decision to using his girlfriend Cassandra’s (Aja Naomi King) studying method over Emily’s legendary flashcards for the upcoming exam, making Emily ultra competitive.

[1x08 Promo Photos]1x08 Promotional Photos

[1x09 Promo Photos]1x09 Promotional Photos

Emily Owens thanks you for your time! Yes this show is still on the air but it's on hiatus right now and it will be back on january 1, 2013 (lol ikr what kind of sched is that?). So don't forget to watch this on tuesday 9pm on the cw!