Kristen Stewart doesn't snitch. Won't call out designers/stylists of ONTD's favorite looks

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Kristen Stewart has been willing to take a lot more fashion risks lately, especially during the New York premiere of her film On the Road on Dec. 13 where she wore a sheer Erdem ensemble from the Spring 2013 collection and a pair of neon Christian Louboutin pumps. But K Stew isn’t always thrilled about what her stylist puts her in for events, especially during her busy year!

“I liked everything I wore this year…I think. I don’t want to offend any of the dresses,” she told Refinery29 during the NYC première of On the Road.

There’s no doubt that Kristen’s fashion tastes have evolved and matured as much as she has — remember when she used to pair black Converse Chuck Taylors with high-end dresses for her movie premieres? — but even some of her riskier looks aren’t her cup of tea.

Luckily for Kristen’s former designers and stylists, she’s too nice to call them out by name!

The Many K-Stew Looks Of 2012
Kristen no doubt had a busy year in 2012 — the Twilight saga finally came to a close, and she was super busy promoting that movie as well as On the Road.

But during her press for the week of Dec. 13 alone for her latest indie film, she shocked even her biggest fans when she showed off four drastic looks all in one day.

She started the day in an incredibly preppy outfit, wearing high-waisted jeans, and a Nonoo camel sweater with a button-down underneath. For her appearance on the Daily Show, Kristen rocked a striped Beckley dress and a Band of Outsiders blazer with a pair of black pumps — casually chic!

After Kristen’s wild getup for the On the Road premiere, she slipped into something much more K Stew for the after party — a pair of jeans with a basic grey tee, a hoodie, a leather jacket and boots.

She may not like all of her outfits all the time, but we appreciate her bold style and the confidence to try anything at least once!