6 Awesome Things we learned from the Pacific Rim trailer

The first trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's sci-fi epic Pacific Rim has finally dropped, showing off a wild alternate future where Earth is under attack by giant monsters. So what details can we glean from our first peek of the mech-vs.-monsters action?

Some pretty interesting details popped up in the footage, which gives us a look into the world Del Toro (Hellboy) is building here. Pushed to the brink, humanity decides to build gigantic mechs to fight off the invading monsters. Does it sound like a hard sci-fi spin on Godzilla? Sure.

But it looks absolutely amazing, and with Del Toro at the helm, you know he can probably pull off the premise. I mean, this is the guy who adapted Hellboy in a grounded way that made the horned, half-demon antihero believable in the real world. If anyone can do mechs and monsters and make it work, it's him.

Trailer and list behind cut

1. The aliens are from a portal to another dimension—in the Pacific Ocean
They might be alien-like creatures, but don't think they come from outer space. Nope. These creatures pop up from a portal deep in the ocean, which is a nice change of pace from old deep-space cliche.

2. The monsters, and the mechs, are absolutely massive
We knew these creatures were going to be big, Del Toro has said as much numerous times, but seeing the scope in action is just breathtaking. These things are not just big. They're gigantic, and it'll be interesting to see how those massive battles affect civilization.

3. Idris Elba’s character gives great inspirational speeches
After his memorable performance in Prometheus, Elba looks to be the new go-to guy for big ole sci-fi flicks. The Luther star is one heck of an actor, and judging by his inspiring bit of dialogue in the trailer, it seems he'll be the man rallying the troops when this flick finally opens.

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