Another failed "Kill Klaus" campaign.

When will these idiots learn they can't kill my king?

Excellent job leading your pack there Tyler. Displaying some really good leadership skills. How is having them follow Tyler's commands any different from following Klaus's exactly?

I like how Tyler is all, "this is my pack, blah blah blah." You've known them for like 2 days and you've never ran in a damn pack before so what the hell is his obsession with it? Yes, get mad at your girlfriend for choosing her best friend who she grew up with and siding with people she's known for a couple of years and not some stranger hybrids. Btw, when your attempt to kill an unhinged Original blows up, it might be a good idea to make sure your loved ones are out of danger. All you had to do was get your mom somewhere safe. What an idiot. Poor Carol had to die on Christmas in a damn fountain to a Christmas tune. :(