APOPCALYPSE 2012: 8 Days Left

As you may or may not know, the world is gonna end December 21, 2012. Accordingly, you may want to vent some stress brought about by the impending end or maybe just admit a secret blah blah blah this is an excuse for some daily OT. I thought it'd be fun, since this is ONTD, to play a music video a day that in someway has to deal with the countdown to the end.

[tl;dr (a) How the list is created. (b) Your faves will probably eventually be featured.]Note: Please feel free to continue to recommend songs. I've been scanning through the pages and getting inspiration for the lists' themes. Be aware, just because I haven't used a song that's repeatedly mentioned, doesn't mean it's not gonna make the list: I'm just saving them for a particular list. There are some that just have to be included because they're perfect and everyone keeps recommending them. Please have fun!

I've been reading through some of the comments, and some users have been talking about some serious issues facing them. I was so proud of my fellow ONTDers for feeling comfortable discussing those issues and for those who took the time to talk to them and provide comfort. In between our mindless chatter about celebrities and general trolling, there's an almost palpable feeling of community that unites ONTD. If you see someone in need, please continue to provide comfort. If you're feeling anything and are uncomfortable or unable to discuss it irl or elsewhere, feel free to discuss openly, ONTD will take care of you the best we know how.

Here's a hint submitted by josh_the_k

In no particular order (or is there? DUN DUN DUN)





[If you were able to spot the theme, this should be no surprise - especially coming from this OP]

[AND THE THEME IS...]Songs about ~the end with numbers in their titles! Who got that?

Probably the funniest thing I read last post.