Game Informer: Top 50 Games Of 2012

We dissected the top 50 games of 2012 in our January issue. If you won't get the chance to check that out, don't worry – we've gathered reviews and impressions on all 50 right here on Game Informer Online.

Whether you like choice-based shooters, story-driven RPGs, or games filled to the brim with loot, chances are you'll see a few of your favorite 2012 games on this list.


ew Super Mario Bros. U
"I feared [New Super Mario Bros. 2's] dip in quality signaled stormy skies for New Super Mario Bros. U on Nintendo’s next home console, but I couldn’t have been more wrong." - Bryan Vore

Hitman: Absolution
"Devising a strategy, using the environment and disguises to your advantage, and leaving before anyone knows you’re there are the hallmarks of a perfect hit, and Absolution proves Agent 47 is still gaming’s premier hitman." - Jeff Marchiafava

PlanetSide 2
"I heartily recommend Planetside 2 to anyone, even players who don’t usually spend a lot of time in online shooters." - Adam Biessener

Far Cry 3
"The diverse open-world action, compelling story, and an alluring environment that begs exploration are all high water marks for the series. This is an island adventure all shooter fans should experience." - Matt Bertz

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
"Paper Mario: Sticker Star isn’t a brain-bending RPG that requires a working knowledge of spreadsheets... It is, however, one of my favorite Nintendo franchises, and Sticker Star is absolutely worthy of the Paper Mario name." - Jeff Cork

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