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Access Hollywood have now posted videos from their interviews with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

In this first video Zach talks about how Into Darkness is "bigger" than the 2009 movie and more "absorbing."

In this second video Scott Mantz (a huge Trek fan) asks about how the original Star Trek has many allegorical episodes and how Into Darkness ties into today, where they talk more about how the villain (Cumberbatch’s John Harrison) is a "terrorist." Pine also talks about how Kirk and Spock are two halves of the same person and how they are still on an arc together. Quinto talks about what a visionary Gene Roddenberry was and contrasts him with JJ Abrams.

And in this final video Quinto and Pine contrasted the villains in the 2009 Star Trek film and Into Darkness, and in doing so at one point Quinto accidentally says "Khan" instead of Nero. That should fuel some more speculation even in light of what Cumberbatch says below. Both talk about how Cumberbatch’s character has a big psychological impact on the crew.

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videos won't embed unfortunately, so if you're really and truly interested click the nice little source.