8:28 pm - 12/12/2012

Lindsay Lohan Unfollows The Wanted's Max George After He Called Her a Groupie

After following The Wanted for several days, Lindsay Lohan now seems to distance herself from the boyband as she's no longer following Max George on Twitter. Her move comes hot on heels of a new interview done by her crush, during which he called her a "groupie." 

Max made such comment about LiLo when asked by ITN reporter backstage at Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball if he's dating LiLo. "No, what's the right word for her? A yeah, a groupie!" he answered, to which his fellow bandmate jokingly added, "She is probably hiding in our suitcase right now!" 

Lindsay Lohan has been labeled as The Wanted's groupie by the media since she hopped on their tour bus. She didn't seem to object it though and continued to follow them in their tour. It was apparently a different story when the labeling came straight from Max himself. 

Regardless of the rumor that she's mad at Max over his "groupie" comment, the troubled actress still follows three other members of the British boyband, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes. She also tweets, "I heart the UK." 

Before she unfollowed 24-year-old Max, the 26-year-old redhead re-tweeted his message that read, "Back in England!!!!:)... Can I make it to the ball tonight... #lawson." She also posted a picture of his hoodie, "Missing something? @MaxTheWanted." 

The Wanted are back to their home country after touring the U.S., while LiLo stays Stateside. She's facing numerous legal woes including misdemeanor charges stemming from a car accident last summer after she's suspected of giving false information to cops.


stop_drop_rolll 13th-Dec-2012 04:49 am (UTC)
yeah but i mean, there's no reason to really hang out with her anymore if you live in england she lives in new york... it just wouldn't work and she didn't get the pciture.
kamikashi 13th-Dec-2012 05:08 am (UTC)
then stop hanging out with her instead of talking about her a lot and calling her a groupie? shes clingy, but it doesnt seem like she was a bitch to them. i dont see why common courtesy should be thrown out of the window just because someone is clingy and thinks youre friends. they should be up front even if it hurts her feelings, cuz clearly they dont care about being mean since they call her a groupie to the public.
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