ONTD Original:...Stacey Dash Is Thirsty?

A few days ago, we here at ONTD were treated to a teaser for Stacey Dash's scripted comedy series - Stacey Dash Is Normal. A lot of the commenters were confused - is it a web series? is she trying to have it picked up by a network? And most importantly, what is this low budget mess? This is not the Paul Ryan sex scandal that I some people were hoping for.

The general confusion has not deterred our lovely Stacey. She decided to tweet the link to all her celeb friends so far she has tweeted - MTV, TMZ, BigBoi, D L Hugley, Magic Johnson, THR, Variety, Nick Canon Funkmaster flex, Wendy Williams, Comedy Central, Adult Swim...Rihanna and many, many more. The only person to publicly respond as of this moment has been Sean Kingston. Maybe her other celeb friends are sh*t Nazis and they don't like being called out?

Inspite of all her tweets and coverage on black blogs and news sites, Stacey's teaser had only managed to amass 22,578 views. I didn't see any tweets to ONTD, I guess our tweet got lost in cyberspace.

As I like to say, God loves a hustler. So, go ahead with your tweeting self Stacey. And you can find us @ohnotheydidnt

Screengrabs of tweets under the cut.


ETA she tweeted us!!! : Hey Stacey, thanks for the tweet. People always say we look like you. 


I know it is ironic of me to say - be nice. But fuck it! be nice, I had to come up with all that text and shit.