Best of ONTDers 2012 Nominations Post!

Here's how you can nominate:
You can only nominate ONE thing per category in one comment
PUT ONE CATEGORY PER COMMENT (and if people agree, they should just reply with +1 and other variations of that lol).
DO NOT repeat nominations. Browse the post before you nominate. 
Thank you!

Here are the categories:
1. Best catchphrase: (no1curr, when will ur favs...etc)
2. Most loved celeb: 
3. Most hated celeb: 
4. Gif of the year:
5. Biggest famewhore:
6. Biggest fail: 
7. Favorite type of posts:
8. Celeb that you used to hate but now love because of ONTD:
9. Celeb that you used to love but now hate because of ONTD:

10. Favorite live discussions:

11. Best moment of ONTD togetherness:
12. TV show of the year:
13: Movie of the year:
14. Most hated movie:
15. Worst Season Finale:
16. Worst Scandal:
17. Best Scandal:

18. Fastest Backlash:
19. Best Cumberbatch nickname:
20. Ugliest Male Celeb that ONTD is attracted to:
21. Best wanky post:
22. Best comment:
23. Best name for an ONTD scandal ( Marriage Impossible ,  Kristmas in July, Monster's Brawl , etc etc )
24. Celeb with the thirstiest stans:
25. Best First Page:
26. Moment that made you most proud to be an ONTDer:
27. TV Show That Should Have Been Canceled By Now:
28. Favorite reality competition judge:
29. Least favorite reality competition judge:
30. Best "this really shouldn't be on ontd but w/e" post:
31. Overused catchphrase that needs to be retired:
32. Best ass:

Let's see the best ONTD trends of 2012! 
            Have fun!

Here's the last year's results: