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Re: anyways
i dnc about having a diamond v any other stone, something old, either art deco or art nouveau. stone had to be smallish. i have giant man hands and ridiculous jewelry does not look good on me.

my fiancé (pls say this with a southern dandy voice) did all the ring shopping solo and got a 1/4 carat diamond art deco ring with filigree on the sides, its really great. and he said he actually asked about switching out the stone bc he figured i wouldn't want a diamond but its too delicate or something. but whatever bc its great!

funny story though: he brought me to rogers & hollands in the mall one day, just to make sure he was on the right track (and all the rings i liked were like 99 dollars, lol) and he literally asked the salesperson if they had any "non-blood diamond rings"

tl:dr my fiancé is awesome