I did not say that I think wishing a disease on someone is the worst thing you could ever do. I am obviously of the opinion that murders and rapes and molestations are far worse. That's the reason murder and rape and abuse are against the law. Thinking bad thoughts isn't against the law and naturally it shouldn't be since freedom of speech is the foundation to a democracy. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and their own opinions and I am stating mine: I think that equaling animal abuse to an awful disease is wrong.

Yeah I get that it's a way to get frustration out, but I always get uncomfortable when people wish diseases and death on other people. And people on ONTD comment and criticize on what other people think all the time, how is my comment different? And how is it über bizarre of me telling someone else not to wish bad things on people? If one of my friends said something like that, I would definitely comment on it. I can't forbid anyone not to have certain thoughts, but I can say what my opinion on the matter is.

But yeah, keep on thinking negative thoughts if that's what you want to do. Like I said, you are entitled to your own opinion and your own thoughts.