I say ~ethical snowflake because people act like that's the worst thing you could possibly ever do is wish something bad on another person, even if they deserve it and I think it's bullshit in its purest form. It's ridiculous people get up in arms about it based on subjective concepts of morality, then proceed to shame other people for ~thinking bad thoughts.

It's an expression of sound and fury signifying nothing, basically, a way that some people get out their frustration about unfairness and their inability to do anything about it. It is not stealing into a bad person's home in the dead of night and sticking a culture of weaponized smallpox under their nose. And considering that this is ONTD where negative thoughts run rampant all over the fucking place in varying degrees, I find it uber bizarre to see you telling someone else not to wish bad things on people.

cool starry brah, let me poison my mind, etc.