Marina Diamandis ☮ Happy as a clam
Seriously. I was always nice to people in retail/food service but after working in it myself, there's a whole other level of appreciation.

I never knew how disgusting grow women could be until I worked at a woman's clothing store: Being blamed for not being in the front of the store when someone opened fire in the food court next to us, diapers/poop left in the dressing room, being threatened, fingers in my face, dirty tampons/pads shoved in the corners of dressing rooms, shitty children knocking things off lower tables and their parents looking back at me and thinking it's cute, unsupervised children playing with the hanging signs in windows, customers telling me not to talk their children, customers yelling at me for not talking their children, managers time stealing, everyone but me being late to work and not being called out on it, being blamed with another co-worker for not knowing a manager and an associate were stealiing merchandise, being treated like shit by the district manager for not "doing my job" when I would be the only one out on the floor while the managers sat in the back office and talked; the list goes on and fucking on.

I just have a lot of feelings.