disney - hades
Some of the policies of the company were really backwards. At my store alone we went through probably 6 store managers in 4 years, and Team Leads were always changing. You could get fired for THE stupidest shit while others who broke every rule in the book and did ZERO work had been around for 10+ years. Lots of hours when you don't want them, none when you need them. And talking to other team members confirms that this just wasn't just my store that had these kinds of problems.

My last straw was after 4 years of being an amazing employee (always got the highest on my reviews - and, btw, the bonus my first year was .50 cents, the last year I was there the highest bracket was only .17!), doing Team Lead work for FREE, being recommended for higher positions, NO write ups, they called me in and gave me a FINAL warning (as in, one mess up and you're fired). We could only get our 10% discount if we used a Target Debit, gift card, or cash, and everyone hated the debits so we would load up gift cards and then use them. It was "against" policy, and somehow out of 100 employees I'm the only one that gets called out on it while there are literally others who come in late every day, go shopping on their breaks, and stand around picking their nose? Oh ok.

Sorry for the rant, its been 2 years and I still get pissed thinking about that place.