9:18 pm - 12/10/2012

Mila Kunis and gag reel from Ted

The comedy “Ted,” starring Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, will be released tomorrow on Blu-ray and DVD, and Speakeasy has a sneak peek at one of the bonus features: the gag reel.

In the clip, Kunis, who plays Lori, the girlfriend of Mark Wahlberg’s character, John Bennett, amusingly stumbles through a dinner-date scene. The film, directed by MacFarlane (who also provides the voice of “Ted,” the teddy bear that comes to life), earned $501.8 million in world-wide grosses, according to Box Office Mojo...

On top of the unrated version, the bonus features boast deleted scenes, which include more of McHale's chronically creepy character as well as a pretty funny arc for John's ambiguously foreign co-worker Alix (John Viener). The alternate takes option is basically the equivalent of the line-o-rama that's offered on Judd Apatow discs, where you can check out a string of alternative jokes the writers and performers toyed with on set. While you can typically see why they were cut, it does make for more laughs.

I thought this was cute, the movie wasn't great but I'll probably rent it to see the rest of the extras

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I changed the clip since the first one wasn't working in all browsers, thanks @littlehayzay for the link to the entire gag reel, hopefully it's showing up for everyone
supertex 11th-Dec-2012 05:21 am (UTC)
i'm tired of seeing 40 yr old men making out with actress in the 20s PERIOD.

OR at least balance it out with older women being with younger men, without that being the whole fucking focus of the movie
seaghostsoaring 11th-Dec-2012 06:21 am (UTC)
This x 10000
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