RHOA Kenya Moore's boyfriend says their relationship is not real, it was created for TV

And the saga continues.... does this breaking news surprise me? Nope, not at all... between Kenya's constant disrespectful flirting with Pedra's husband Apollo, and her constantly begging Walter for a ring, i knew something wasn't right.

Walter Jackson, who plays the part of Kenya Moore's (former Miss Universe) boyfriend on Housewives Of Atlanta went on Atlanta's V-103 Morning Show (see audio below) to speak out about the made-for-tv relationship, because Kenya is telling people that the reason he won't marry her is because he is gay.

Walter seems like a nice hard working classy guy, every time Kenya mentions marriage or getting pregnant, you can literally see his face cringe.

Recently Walter was seen snuggled up with a much younger woman (early 20's) at a football game. In this interview, Walter (who appears to be in his 40's) says he likes his women like he likes his rims.. 22's & 24's... Really Walter? That sounds like a line a rapper would say, lol.

When Kenya was asked about it... She continued to say "He's Gay". Walter says he's far from gay. He says the only reason he's on Housewives of Atlanta is because Kenya asked him to play the part of her boyfriend.

He says he met Kenya 3 years ago and dated her for 3 months back then, but that was it... He says Kenya convinced him to do the show by telling him "it's just like acting".

Walter also admits, the show producers were in the dark as well, Only he and Kenya knew their relationship was fake.