-Kill Brody. Or at least arrest him. Idk why Estes wants him dead. Why not arrest him? Unless Estes is the mole. I SUPER DUPER HOPE Estes is the Mole.
-Carrie, you are a CIA agent. You will never be content to teach ESL and bone Brody 24/7
-King Saul 5everrrr
-I need Peter/Carrie h8 sex like now pls

-Dexter you are so dumb, forreal. Going after that guy? Like omg that REEKED of "trap" especially bc you KNOW La Guerta is onto you.
-You should have killed Hannah when you had the chance. At the very least, you should have confronted her about the water bottle, because I'm still not convinced she was responsible for the contamination of the water, tbh. But turning her into the police considering she legit knows you are the BHB was dumb as fuck. The police would give her all the immunity she wanted if she turned you in, lbr
-Debs hypocrisy about Hannah has been bugging me a little
-Quinn, die pls.