The Amazing Race, Season 21 Finale!

The Amazing Race Season 21, Season Finale - "Take Down That Million"
Mallorca, Spain -> Loire Valley, France -> New York City, USA

Underdogs of the season Josh & Brent won the finale and most important leg, winning the million dollar cash prize.

This week's placements

1. Josh & Brent (Goat Farmers/Beekman Boys)
2. James & Jaymes (Chippendale Dancers)
3. Trey & Lexi (Texans)
4. Natalie & Nadiya (Twins)

Next week: 2 hour Season finale!

Meh. That final challenge was brutal.

Overall, better than last season but I'm a bit disappointed that Jaymes and James couldn't pull off the win. I'd like to see them, James/Abba, and Amy/Daniel come back in a future season.

Source: CBS/TV