3:06 pm - 12/09/2012

Kate Middleton 'must feel terrible' over nurse suicide, says UK doctor's union

Kate Middleton is likely feeling very upset in the wake of a nurse suicide, experts said Saturday. The spokesman for the British Medical Association, a registered trade union for UK doctors, believes the death of King Edward VII nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, must be weighing on the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge. "Kate must feel terrible. Of course this is not her fault, but she is now being linked with a suicide in people’s minds," the Express quotes Dr. Tom Frewin as saying.

Kate Middleton was being treated at King Edward VII Hospital earlier this week when a pair of Aussie DJs prank called the hospital posing as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles seeking details about the Duchess' condition. “Medical staff should never disclose confidential information to anyone and people who answer the phone should have the correct training and not be put in this invidious position," Ferwin said suggesting HIPPA-like regulations be put into place in the UK. "The secretary of state should put together a set of measures to prevent this happening again; to any patient, not just a member of the Royal Family."

Kate Middleton spent three nights at King Edward VII Hospital in London where she was treated for acute morning sickness. Experts predict, due to the oddity of the circumstances, the Duchess of Cambridge will not hold onto long-term guilt or responsibility for the tragic outcome.

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tbh the op you mean to insult might be an unfeeling asshole but your comments aren't really any better, sarcastic or not.

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