Sally Eli
So yeah I didn't read any of that gibberish at the bottom I'm not even going to lie.

The Evil Dead remake seems pretty intense (although it still seems a little weird to have a remake since Evil Dead 2 is pretty much already a remake). As much as I love camp and Bruce Campbell is fucking amazing I think the shift in tone though is what's going to make it work.

Still unsure about them casting Chloe in Carrie though. I mean it's another situation where they say they're going to do a remake so that it's more true to the book but in the book Carrie was chubby and pimply and then for the remake they cast someone that's even better looking than in the previous movie. I mean aside from just being amazing performance wise even though Sissy didn't look the part of what was written there was still awkwardness there where she wasn't a beauty queen, I don't buy that with Chloe at all.