8:43 pm - 12/08/2012

Trouble in paradise for one of ONTD's favourite couples

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As I was reading my Twitter timeline, I kept seeing tweets about Coco cheating on Ice but I had no idea what anyone was talking about so I went to both Ice T’s and Coco’s Twitter account to see what the fuss was about.

Apparently while she was in Vegas, Coco took some pictures with an underground rapper AP-9 and Ice T is NOT happy about them! Coco tweeted something a few hours ago, even before Ice went in, saying that the pictures were harmless and that she is happily married. Ice then took to his Twitter account to address the issue. Normally the rapper has no problem with his wife showing off her goods and taking indecent pictures, but he’s really not happy about the pictures she has with AP-9.

Ice told fans that Coco said that dude was everywhere she went and claimed that he knew Ice and was part of the crew for “Ice Loves Coco.” It turns out that Ice has no idea who the guy is and was hurt by the pics that surfaced and would be regardless if he knew the guy or not, saying they made him feel like sh*t.

UPDATE: Coco has since tweeted that the pictures are inappropriate and says the pics are the only thing that happened. She also has apologized to Ice, saying she knows why he is upset, she’s sad that she hurt him and her apologizes to him and everyone else.

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Ice T's twitter response which has since deleted because he wants to 'move on':

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Another deleted tweet by Ice:

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Coco's apology:

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Dammit, I asked for this! That's it, I'm gonna stop using my powers!!!

ONTD, is Ice T right to be upset? Is this all a fuss over nothing? Do you believe Coco when she said she didn't cheat? Would you feel comfortable with your significant other going to Vegas/some other party city on their own? 
If you think Coco cheated how should Ice respond?
And more importantly, why is that dude wearing a Gucci monogrammed hat in 2012?!
If Coco did cheat I hope at least it wasn't with such a lame.

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pikapika217 8th-Dec-2012 08:49 pm (UTC)


they are ofen credited as ONTD parents and I don't want them to be in distress
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