The 10 Best Films You Didn't See In 2012


National averages suggest that most Americans watch three movies a year in theaters. Unfortunately, that means a lot of great films never end up getting seen. In 2012, there were plenty of quality releases that missed out on the big crowds. If you're wondering what, exactly, you should've seen this year but didn't, we're here to fill you in.
The following is a list of movies that, for whatever reason, just didn't get the attention or large-scale critical appreciation they deserved. However, each are very much worth your time.

1: 'Cosmopolis' (David Cronenberg)
There seemed to be a little juice behind Canadian director David Cronenberg's latest effort, a wonderfully meandering adaptation of Dom DeLillo's novel of the same name that charts a single, seemingly endless limousine ride. For one, the film premiered at Cannes, to mostly ecstatic audiences (full disclosure: I was in one of them), and for another, Cronenberg loaded his bizarre contraption with a secret weapon: Robert Pattinson. As a disaffected billionaire, Pattinson showed unheard of gravitas and wit, both of which were sorely missing during his five-movie tenure as sparkly vampire Edward in the "Twilight" movies. But not even his handsome or borderline hieroglyphic face, could get people to come out to "Cosmopolis." Granted, the movie is pretty weird. But it's also tremendously rewarding -- it works its hooks into you and, months after seeing it, I still can't stop thinking about it. It's also part of 2012's great limousine ride double feature, along with Leos Carax's equally strange "Holy Motors." The mini-bar optional.
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