Freida Pinto Is My Favorite Actress : Roberto Cavalli

Iconic Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, 72, tells us that he loves the beautiful women from this country. “I think Indian women are extremely beautiful, especially their black eyes, they inspire me. Very sexy!” But his favourite? “Freida Pinto is unbelievably gorgeous. I saw Slumdog Millionaire and it’s one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen, and I saw it at least four to five times.”

When we reminded him of the controversy that ensued after he designed bikinis with images of Indian deities a few years ago and it outraged Hindu groups, he said, “We did not mean to do anything demeaning. It’s just that we didn’t know, sometimes we can also be ignorant.”

Recently German Footballer Mario Gomez(F C Bayern Munich player) also expressed his admiration for Freida . He said, "yes, I did watch the Slumdog Millionaire movie and it is very popular in Germany." He continues, " I like Freida Pinto the actress in the movie, she looked very hot and sexy. Frankly I don't know too many Bollywood actors but would love to meet Freida one day."

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