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grotesque_xxx wrote in ohnotheydidnt


Can't wait until that sire bond shit ends

Oh yay another episode of someone trying to get rid of Klaus and failing. Just what we all wanted

Lol, but seriously. They need a different bad guy. They've already fucked up and made Klaus completely crucial to keeping every vamp on the show alive lol.

I know right , they should have saved that til the final season finale

Still not watching. Still don't miss it. Freedom is fun :')

Can they just stop with the ''Damon is such a good person deep down!!'' shit? Now they've even added flashback to back up the ~goodness~ in him. Have they forgotten how he used to kill just for fun in S1? Barf.

The flashbacks always feel so inconsistent with season 1, even with Damon wanting to reconcile with Stefan. The impression the pilot gave us was that he had hated Stefan pretty intensely ever since he had been turned and spend all the years since then making his brother's life a misery, which really doesn't line up with Damon's concern for Stefan in some of the seasons 2-4 flashbacks.

...So did Stefan

Matt is clearly the way to go.

Also, did not appreciate the **blatant** misogyny of this last episode RE: Tyler v. the other wolf girl.

as opposed to Stefan the angel right? lol they're both murderous...but they're vampires..so what else is to be expected of them?

Ngl, I enjoy every tiny bit of those Delena scenes and I'll continue while it last. It helps me forget How crappy the rest of the season is.

At this point I'm only watching for Delena.

i don't care about their ~relationship~ at all but damn their scenes together are so hot

IDGAF, I fucking love D/E.

I'm assuming Stefan is mad at either Klaus or Damon not breaking the sire bond right away. Either way idgaf. Leave Klaus alone & let Delena happen. We've had Stelena for 3 seasons & Stefan needs to date other people.

i think Caroline might have told him delena slept together.

Caroline really needs to stop blabbing everyone's business, holy shit!

Like, I understand she's just trying to help her friend but sometimes you need to let people make their mistakes. She was way too judgey last night.

Mmm not yet. She asked him if Damon said anything and when he got confused she brushed it off. Elena asked her to keep it to herself and so far she's followed that.

It's funny how Stefan dumped Elena but he's the one having the hardest time letting go. He can do better than Elena imo.

i wish but plec said i think that stefan will not have another love interest. UGHHHH Y NOT

So over this show yet I cant stop lol. i feel like IT CANT GET ANY WORSE IT JUST CANT and then i am proved wrong

None of these flashbacks make sense. Damon and Stefan were not in a good place, and it wasn't bc of any made up fight Plec will bring up to fix her lack of continuity. Damons said he hated Stefan bc kat turned him too, it was only supposed to be Damon. He SAID IT IN AN EPISODE, thats why he hated him all these years. So i don't buy these nice brother acts

It's like everything we've been told/shown in the past doesn't matter anymore or keeps being re-written, lol. What a mess.

A++ commentary

Clearly they are just making the "history" up as they go. I still don't understand how Stefan can continually laud the blame for becoming a "ripper" over Damon when Stefan was the one who made Damon turn.

Absolute, biggest plot hole of the entire show.

THIS. people like to forget that Damon didn't want to turn after everything happened and Stefan made him anyway. Damon would be dead if it hadn't been for Stefan meddling.

YESYESYES. That helped me determine that Damon was always the good guy at heart and that Stefan has been the selfish one. Although, I don't understand why people cant believe that these siblings have had their ups and downs. Of course you fight with your siblings, but at the end of the day you still care about one another and want the best.

well remember stefan confronted damon about turning him and Damon didn't even care-- he was mad about Kat picking Stefan too.

I'm all about delena for 2 reasons. Their scenes together are HOT, and elena has finally stopped whining and crying about being a vampire.

Good, valid reasons even though I jump all ships. I enjoyed them last night.

Stefan is pissing me off. Let's risk everyone's life for a cure that only he wants......

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