Elisabeth Moss filming scenes for Mad Men

After six seasons of Mad Men, Elisabeth Moss must be used to the 60s style costumes that are a part of the show.

The actress was spotted shooting scenes for the new season of the successful show on Tuesday in a very retro outfit.

With her hair in the old fashioned up do and donning a navy and orange suit, the star looked every inch the 60s screen siren.

Elisabeth, 30, was spotted chatting to her co-stars as they geared up to shoot scenes outside Little Dom's restaurant in Los Angeles.

She later covered up her unusual attire with a checked coat and carried around a matching tote bag.

Fans of the Emmy award winning show will be happy to know that filming for the sixth season is currently in full swing.

And stars Jon Hamm and John Slattery will both be stepping behind the cameras again to direct several episodes of the hit show.

Both actors have directed episodes before, and according to the Hollywood Reporter are gearing up to take on several more in the upcoming season.

Slattery will go behind the cameras in February for two episodes, but it's not yet confirmed how many episodes Hamm will take on.

'I've been directing Mad Men for the last couple of years... I watch it in the editing room, it's a good thing to sort of get over yourself,' Slattery said.

'Actors can be self-conscious, I have found it's a good thing to dispense with that.'

He continued: 'The craft element of being in front of a camera, the stillness and size of performance that you can kind of adjust, if you can just get over yourself.'

Daily Mail

Ken Cosgrove in the same place as Peggy and Ted Chaough...I hope that means he's leaving/has left SCDP :D