introducing imposters, your new fave web series

Imposters, which uses two different series to tell it’s story, is truly unlike anything else you’ve experienced.

"The King" series follows Olivia King, a lower-middle class scholarship student, as she struggles to fit in with the wealthier students at her prep school. Olivia gets very creative with her methods of income and takes on a very... unconventional afterschool job.

"The Queen" series tells the story of Juliet Walker and her band of highly trained female con artists. This woman preys on young runaways and if you’ve ever felt devastatingly alone; if you’ve ever felt hopeless; if you’ve ever felt like you are not enough, you are Juliet Walker’s perfect target.

At the end of each series, we'll get to see how these two seemingly separate worlds collide.

renee olstead
Renee Olstead, from the Secret Life of the American Teenager
lindsay pierce
Lindsay Pearce, from Glee and The Glee Project
James Kyson, from Heroes
actually drew the other one is james
and Drew Osborne